Lighting fixtures can make or break the look of any kitchen, and the sophisticated simplicity of industrial lighting is both on-trend and timeless.

If you’ve ready for a break from more ornate, traditional lighting options, the extensive selection at Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre allows you to embrace this look to any degree, from full-blown industrial to just a touch of commercial flair.

The Vintage Industrial Look

If your design personality is more hip retro bistro than bare warehouse, if exposed-brick walls and wood tables are your style,then a vintage-industrial feel, like Artcraft‘s Victoriaville or the Cobson Pendant from Kichler, might suit your space.

The Modern Industrial Look

The matte look of concrete gives Tech Lighting‘s Brummel Grande Pendant an industrial and modern look. Go black for contrast and a bit more drama or white for a softer feel.

Mix It Up for the Brightest of Kitchens

No matter what the style, good lighting should be as indispensable in your kitchen as it is in a professional’s. The best way to achieve a well-lit, balanced space is by combining different types of lighting, so that every workspace in your kitchen is illuminated.Pendants, such as Artcraft’s Victoriaville or Tech Lighting’s Brummel Grande, work with under-counter lights to light up counter space, whether it’s for dinner prep by the sink, or homework at the kitchen island.Recessed lights brighten the entire kitchen, filling in gaps between task-targeted lighting, so that the entire kitchen is brightly lit. The addition of dimmers allows the mood to be altered with the slide of a switch, so that bright lights aren€™t too jarring when sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight snack.

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