Armed and Ready

Designer Kelly Wearstler's Rousseau double boom arm floor lamp ($4,419) brings a minimalist yet graphic take to antique brass with etched crystal lenses.

Good Angle

Akimbo by David Weeks Studio ($6,463) strikes a pose from the ceiling and works the room to show off dramatic angles€”320 degrees side to side and 245 degrees up and down.

In the Spotlight

Vancouver design studio Andlight's Spotlight Volumes series (from $975) includes this table lamp in a silhouette that's both muscular and svelte.

Go the Distance

Solid wood, metal and linen converge and stretch into the elegant form of the Veleo floor lamp by Nick Sheridan for Cerno (price on request).

Ground Control

The statement-making Apollo by Seed Design ($3,300) appears to absorb and cast light simultaneously, like some lost-in-space orb€”yet remains down to earth on a restrained wooden tripod.

Off the Wall

The Mercury light, designed by Jeanette Holdgaard for Danish studio Woud ($800), mounts on the wall and casts an eclipse-like glow.

Smart Spotlight (Designer Pick)

€œA great light sets the mood, tone and aesthetics of a space. Matthew McCormick's Mila 5 light ($2,150) makes a simple statement but adds wow factor. It's like wearing your best shoes to finish off the outfit.€ €”Nicole Sjöstedt, Vancouver-based stylist,