Hot new rooms coming soon.

Photo: Ash Tanasiychuk

1Drake General Store, Vancouver

This Toronto shop first opened next to the Drake Hotel, putting a modern twist on the classic hotel gift shop. Now it’s making its West Coast debut in Top Shop, stocking giftable goodies from local designers alongside animal-print glassware, puzzle scarf sets and modernist baby blankets.

Q&A with Drake General Store owner Carlo Colacci.

What makes a product “distinctly Canadian”?

“We’re a little subtler than other countries. We’re still very proud about what we’re doing and where we come from, but by nature our products are a little more humble. Rather than designing T-shirts with Canadian flags all over them, we create products with subtle references that Canadians will pick up on. We look at the different makers in each city or province and try to bring some of that into each specific location. Maybe it’s the weather—out West, it’s definitely more green and a little more natural.”

More Cool Stores Opening Across the West Winter 2015

maven and grace

2. Maven and Grace, Edmonton

Antique pieces and vintage-style new homewares curated by the young and hip. Cozy plaid blankets, reclaimed wire baskets and industrial stools share space with prettily packaged soy candles.

picot collectivepicot collective

3. Picot Collective, Victoria

This sweet white-and-brick Fernwood shop skews local—find goodies like Amore Natural Products’ body care line, Epoche Designs’ hand-printed leather goods, or wall weavings done by Victoria-based tapestry artists.


4. Bamboo Ballroom, Calgary

On the logo displayed behind the register of the ritzy gold-and-black Calgary clothing and homewares shop, Bamboo Ballroom pledges to “support local.” As such, find pretty Canadian-made frocks and decor aplenty.

VICTORIA Citizen Clothing

5. Citizen Haberdashery, Victoria

The modern-classic menswear store moves to a new LoJo space designed by Kyla Bidgood. The clothing’s nice, but we love the accessories, too, like Filson bags and Pantone-coloured journals.