Turri’s Made in Italy tradition is being renovated by ARK Interiors in the heart of the Vancouver business district.

“Considering the growing market demand and the success of our collaboration with ARK Interiors, Turri is continuing to expand its network of selected retailers both in Canada and the United States, always keeping the collaboration with architects and interior designers alive,” says Turri CEO Andrea Turri.

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ARK Interiors is known for its selective collection of Made in Italy furnishing accessories from leading brands of contemporary design and is an important partner for Turri. The synergy between the two companies is bolstered by a strategic alignment in both style and operations. Furthermore, ARK Interiors is the first retailer to exhibit complete sets of Turri collections in Canada.

Starting October 21, 2022, a living area, a dining area, and a bedroom by Turri will be exhibited in the ARK Interiors showroom in Vancouver.

Turri: The Italian Way to Beauty

Turri Blossom Sofa | Turri

Turri’s contemporary ethos continues with the Blossom sofa. Blossom, by Andrea Bonini, was inspired by the graceful profiles of flowers, producing designs with sinuous silhouettes, which have shown to be especially popular with younger generations.

Turri Vine Armchair | Turri

The showcase design of the Turri living room by ARK Interiors is the Vine armchair, a prime example of architect Frank Jiang’s expertise. With a thin walnut wood structure and a deep seat, the Vine armchair displays the elegant Italian style and fine craftsmanship typical of the Brianza company.

The Vine collection also includes a side table covered in leather and with a glass top, designed on a four spoke wooden base and decorated with brushed gold details.

Turri Zero Table | Turri

The Turri dining area hosts two tables, Madison and Zero, both designed by Andrea Bonini. The first, made of lacquered wood and with chromatic contrasts, evokes a feeling of conviviality. The second is of a more minimal style and includes a base and two wings covered in leather to promote clean lines while highlighting Turri’s unparalleled skill in manufacturing.

A noble and sparse style combined with alternating planes and lines lends a feeling of movement to all the furnishing solutions in the Zero sleeping area. These functional and “no-frills” designs are part of Turri’s mission to continually evolve in accordance with the trends of the international market.

Turri’s commitment to international, contemporary style in recent years is part of a broader aim to strengthen Turri’s Made in Italy style in overseas markets.

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