It’s almost like an ancient proverb: if you can’t actually buy anything at a store, is it a store?

It’s the question I was asking myself as I stepped into Menu Space Vancouver last week. Though the space (curated by design research studio Casestudy) is full of Menu’s beautiful Scandinavian minimalist pieces€”clean-lined sectionals, marble-veneer coffee table cubes, portable LED lamps€”there are no price tags or product info or order forms to be found. It’s also in a residential loft apartment that you need an appointment to visit, lest you disturb the neighbours. 

So it’s not exactly the typical sofa-shopping experience: it’s more of a conceptual gallery or diorama, the opportunity to see these sleek tables and armchairs in their natural habitat.

Pop by the “immersive showroom apartment,” as Menu self-identifies, to get hands-on with the latest collection€”or to sit for a while with a coffee and soak it all in in a way you just can’t from an online catalogue or even a traditional furniture showroom. If you do want to order something, you’ll be directed to local retailers to make the purchase there.

Fast and convenient? Not at all… but maybe slow shopping is the antidote to our instant-gratification one-click consumerism. Another potential proverb: if you take your time getting to know a rug before you buy it, will you love it more? Book an appointment sometime in the next few months and curl up on the modular sofa and really give it a good think. No pressure. 

Menu Space Vancouver
857 Beatty Street, Vancouver