SwitzerCultCreative may just be opening their first showroom, but the Switzer name has been in the design industry for decades.

We love celebrating high-quality products, especially when they are paired with great craftsmanship and sustainability. And when these products also come from a Canadian family company? All the better. Switzer has been a well-known name in the interior design world for decades—we did a feature on William Switzer in 1987!—and since then, his daughter Renee Switzer and grandson Adam Bellas have taken the reins and are showcasing gorgeous pieces of furniture as SwitzerCultCreative. And as of April 15, the full SwitzerCultCreative collection will be available to view at their new showroom in Vancouver.unspecified

With our collections, your child can eat right off the table—without a placemat—and you will know that there aren’t any chemicals that may be harmful to their wellbeing.” – Renee Switzer

The new showroom will be featuring collections from the local and international designers that the company exclusively represents including: Sholto Scruton, Hagit Pincovic, Jason Klager, Eli Chissick, Ivan Meade, Fringe Studio, Sklo and Se-London. SwitzerCultCreative aims to be a showcase venue for emerging and known local furniture makers who produce high-quality, sustainable furniture products.

The Details

Opening: April 15. 2016Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.Location: 1725 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver