Pantone doubled down this year, naming both Rose Quartz and Serenity as colours of the year. Here's how to work with the updated '80s look.


Get the look with these key pieces

Lichen swivel chair in como velvet($959) by Roar and Rabbit.

Handcrafted Circle pillow cover in Flax ($59) by Roar and Rabbit.

Pink Atelier Stella tea mug ($17).

Hand-pressed Crown Tuscan glass cake plate in pink (from $45) by Mosser Glass.

Rose Ambit light ($450) by Muuto.

Rose gold Hexagon side table ($299)by CB2.

Soho rug ($15,200) by Wool and Silk Rugs.

Hand-blown blue glass knot (from $36).

Silo side table in white marble and brushed iron (from $249) by CB2.

Straight Up matte bowl in Sky ($4.95) by CB2.

Source List

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