50 Years of WL: #42 A Brief History of Western Living Fashion

Some of our favourite OMG moments flipping through the archives.

We tend not to cover much fashion these days in the magazine (save for our celebration of the West's most talented fashion minds in our annual Designers of the Year awards), but that hasn€™t always been the case. Throughout the years, the magazine has dabbled in sartorial coverage€”and while the looks may not all have aged well, the timeless creativity of the art team still shines through.

Credit: Chris Haylett/Gamma Pro Lab/Western Living September 2000

In this September 2000 photo shoot, saturated, tiled backdrops were made possible
with then-new photo composite technology.

Credit: Howard Fry/Western Living April 1984

In April 1984, life was a khaki dream.

Credit: Tim Harvey/Western Living January 1987

Wide belts, bracelets and baubles represented the best of '80s excess in our January 1987 issue.

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