Martone Cycling’s cruisers are made for design lovers (and cyclists).

At one time in my life, I was a committed cyclist: I had the rainproof gear, the waterproof paniers and the 20-year-old former-courier bike to prove it. I’ve admittedly become soft as I’ve gotten older, and my now 25-year bike is starting to make my back ache—so I’ve been on the lookout for a new fair-weather bike that’s more cruisey than say, hardcore. I spotted these Martone Cycling Co bikes at the Dwell on Design show in June: its two-speed gear changes automatically as the grade changes, the handle bar/basket unit holds up to 20 pounds and is big enough for a gym bag or groceries, and the signature red chain gives the comfy ride a splash of design, which I love.Martone Cycling Co. bike, available at the Room at Hudson’s Bay, from $1,460, White Women's Bike The Real White Women’s bike by Martone Cycling Co. features a signature red chain.