Trove wallpapers turn a simple design into art.

Few companies have designed wallpaper with the artistry that Trove has done. Often three dimensional and always eco-friendly—low VOC and made from recycled content—the papers are the brainchild of two NYC artists, Jee Levin and Randall Buck, who bring that artistry to their designs. Rather than traditional repetitive patterns, the designs are more like murals: doves flocking and dancing mid-flight, or moths spiralling in pinks and greys. Their latest collection, launched at ICFF this year, is a study in cool neutrals: English ivy climbing down a stonewall (“Grotte”), manicured French gardens (“Alee”), or elegant cast-work made to look like a plaster frame on a wall (“Rinceau”). They’re pricey, but they’re special—perfect for a jewel box of a room.Trove wallpapers, $16 per square foot, troveline.comGrotte wallpaper by Trove Grotte wallpaper by Trove looks like ivy climbing on a stone wall.Rinceau by Trove Rinceau wallpaper by Trove emulates plasterwork on a wall.