Bring the outside in with bold and blooming wallpaper in statement-making patterns.

Sabi cladding (from $11 per square foot)€”inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which reveres organic and unrefined beauty€”is made from reclaimed Pacific Northwest Douglas fir and hemlock beams.

Bold wallpaper can be a work of art, with its vivid colours and in-your-face patterns. Vancouver artist Rachael Ashe takes it one step further: her tactile yarn murals are elaborate wall art made of just string and tacks, a process she came up with after looking for an interesting and inexpensive way to create something for the walls of a start-up. €œI think of the yarn murals as permanent pieces,€ she says. Ashe custom-makes each one.

Turn your wall into a koi pond with Wall and Decò's Tangerine wallpaper ($160 per square metre). The pretty design is scaled to fit your particular room dimensions.

This vinyl Mattise wallcovering ($36.95 per linear yard) evokes the eponymous artist’s whimsical cut-outs of nature’s shapes€“whorls, leaves, branches€“plus in Bleu Ciel, the skies of his French home.

The creative minds behind Rollout's wallpaper designs bring a stylized mix of foliage and floral motifs to the Indoor Garden pattern ($10 per square foot).

Biblioteca wallpaper ($310 U.S. per 4.8 square metres) by Ekaterina Panikanova for NLXL has woodland creatures and other natural-world elements, as if pressed between the pages of oh-so-many books€“a library to peruse from your sofa.