Find inspiration from designer Sophie Burke’s Scandinavian-inspired tabletop to create your own modern rustic look at home.

Modern style and country charm collide in designer Sophie Burke’s “Scandinavian Rustic” scene, created for last year’s Dinner by Design. The lichen- and linen-covered tabletop is a polished take on raw, natural beauty. Here’s how to get the look at home.Skip the flowers. Let fresh herbs guide your decor and your cooking. Burke picked rosemary from her garden and tied it with brown twine as a pretty (and inexpensive) place setting; bundles of fennel fill vintage crystal bottles in place of flowers.Balance rustic details with clean lines. A sleek Bensen table is paired with classic modern wishbone chairs to contrast the barn-like setting. “We didn’t want to go overboard and make it look like a country farmhouse,” says Burke. “The mix is critical.”Get playful with your lighting. The wood elements—both the white oak table and the centrepiece of branches—add warmth, but it’s the 18Karat basket lamps that really light up the space. Burke chose them specifically for the crisscross weave, which creates a subtle check pattern of shadow on the wall.Dinner by Design 2013dinner by design sophie burke