Cheery cherry red and stark snow white are the perfect holiday pairing, evoking the tradition of the season while making a modern statement.

holiday decor 1. Enchanted Embellishment – Channel some of the magic and “muchness” of Alice in Wonderland with the Rabbit in Wonderland candleholder ($115), a surreal stack of vintage ornaments cast from pieces found and reconfigured by designer Stephen Johnson. Artecnica, Los Angeles,; Design House, Vancouver, Victoria,; Kit, Calgary, Animal Kingdom – The Felt Menagerie animal heads ($131) from Roost are crafted from wool felt—a far more festive kind of taxidermy, whether apropos sheep (think manger) or longhorn ram or gazelle. Mint Interiors, Vancouver,; The Artworks, Edmonton,; Atmosphere, Saskatoon,; Five Small Rooms, Winnipeg, Shine On – The Snow perforated votive ($12.50), crafted in bone-white china with iridescent titanium inside, casts a shimmering,snowfall-like pattern when lit from within. Chapters, across the West, chapters.indigo.ca4. Cool Kitsch – Add hot-red enamel to the traditional cast iron pot ($50), and the old-school fondue party just got a lot more hip. Crate & Barrel, across the West, crateandbarrel.ca5. Star Bright – This fire-red felt coaster ($8.50) from Daff, made from 100-percent merino wool in Germany, sets a fun and festive graphic beneath that mulled wine. Provide Home, Vancouver, Make a Wish – Whether in the organic shape of a curvilinear wishbone or a plump heart, these Marble Objects ($19) serve as elegant paperweight, lovely holiday centrepiece or cherished object of desire. West Elm, across the West,