The next generation of wallcoverings is pleasing to both the eye and the touch.

Wallpaper is having a bit of a moment, as you may have noticed. But within that trend lies an even more specific one: texture. As the design world starts to rebound from its love affair with sleek minimalism, layering in textured paper brings a new depth and visual interest to the space. There’s all-natural grasscloth papers, paper that replicates the brushstrokes of an oil painting and designs that showcase a 3D look. Here are a few of our favourite ways to get this hot look.TD+Peonies+White+Interior

Europa+InteriorPainterly Textures

The gorgeous peonies (by Thomas Darnell) and moody, abstract watercolour (by Andrea Pramuk)—two options from Area Environments stunning mural collection—are printed to custom sizes to fill the wall to scale, and the dramatic look is accompanied by a brushstroke texture. Available at Crown Wallpaper.MORE: Paint-Inspired Accessories You’ll Love


Though Sur Guz’s Skin collection of animal print papers have the look and sheen of fur or hair, it’s just an illusion of the vinyl material. The pony hair option is neutral enough to work in a classic space, but edgy enough to make a serious statement. Available at Crown Wallpaper.

1200The New Grasscloth

We’ve long seen grasscloth as a go-to for designers (check out the bedroom and office in this eclectic Fox Design townhome, or Stephanie Brown’s condo), but the latest additions to Phillip Jeffries’s line incorporate prints. This dreamy ombre finish evokes a seascape or morning fog, layered on top of natural grasscloth material. Available at Crown Wallpaper.

TextureResource4-EastwoodFaux Wood

Thibaut’s Eastwood paper is a lot easier to install than an actual wall of wood. Bonus: it’s actually made of vinyl, which means it’s ultra-durable and easy to clean. We love this one in a warm cream hue, but the grey is a lovely modern option too. Available at Tritex Fabrics.MORE: Cool Rooms with Wood Feature Walls

en_orig_1427723169Vinyl Impersonates Steel

Speaking of vinyl, the modern iteration of the hardy material can be manipulated in infinite ways. Just see the edgy Molten paper from Genon, which takes its visual cues from worn corrugated metal. Available at Crown Wallpaper.

3d-wallquest-pelicanThe 3D Look

The optical illusion of WallQuest’s 3D prints—like Cubes, pictured here—adds a new dimension to your design. It’s an easier install than real 3D wall panels, with a similar look (with a broad selection of colours, too). Available at Crown Wallpaper.

WSE1245A Little Bit of Sparkle

Winfield Thybony’s Serenity paper weave collection looks almost like stone, incorporating flecks of mica and metallic tones into a neutral design for a modern mineral look. Think of it as natural luxury. Available at Tritex Fabrics.MORE: 5 Opulent Rooms That Will Wow

Novalin_0186a_klar-filteredLovely Linen

The nice thing about linen paper, like this line from Novalin, is that it’s practically seamless, thanks to natural vertical tear lines. The rich fabric comes in 50 different colours, too. Available at Tritex Fabrics.

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