Prepare yourself: texture in 2020 isn€™t going to be subtle, but instead decidedly conspicuous, with ribs and spines and 3D volume that scream out: €œTouch me!€ €œSee me!€

Touch Points

Lean in real close and you'll see that woodworking legend Zanat carves out each Touch sideboard ($5,140)€”including the front panels of bubble-like divots€”by hand.

Quilted Picker-Upper
Texture in 2020 is the kind you can see from clear across the room. Exhibit A: Moroso's Big Braid fabric on the Moroso Gentry sofa ($7,476).

Accordian to Whom?
Each delicate porcelain rib on the Celia white vase ($27) is applied by hand.

If re-tiling the bathroom is too muchof a commitment, the 3D Finell silicone placemats ($135 per set) are a respectable intro into texture in your home.

Curve Appeal
€œI'm loving the channel/fluted wood trend. The Haven Collective's interiors are generally more muted and monochromatic; we rely on pattern and texture to create visual interest
in our spaces.€€“Erin Chow, The Haven Collective

The texture on Kate Duncan's ribbed dining table in walnut ($16,000) is accentuated further with a black oxidized finish.

Hot New Threads
From apparel to toss cushions, we are all about pop-out embroidery embellishments. Find sweet, tactile comfort in Anthropologie's Olga Prinku Odette embroidered pillows (from $116) in trendy ochre and navy.

Beetle Mania
Part acoustics enhancer, part three-dimensional art piece, the Beetle (starting at $1,600) from Sancal has assorted coloured panels and wood tints to create 13 different sound-softening wall configurations.

3D Tile

€œWe love Ames Tile and Stone's 4D Max series€”It's a favourite product of ours because of the fun modern patterns, and of course our love for blue accents.€€“ Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

€œI am loving 3D tile€”It's a way to add pattern without making the room overly busy.€€“Ben Leavitt, PlaidFox Studio