Rugs are having an out-of-the-box moment: wild shapes, colours, geometric patterns and painterly power plays strong enough to make Kandinsky jealous.

€œIn general, I think people are ready to have fun. I love how rugs are becoming more bombastic€”we interact with them every day and they should inspire us to live more boldly.€€“Ben Leavitt, Plaidfox Studio, Vancouver

Patchwork Princess

€œI€™ve always loved Missoni. Bold colours mixed with bold patterns. I love the geometry in this one in particular.€€“Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House, Calgary

Missoni Orion rug (from $9,492).

They Come in (One) Piece

Moooi's futuristic Trichroic rugs (from $5,612) will teach us all that trichroic refers to the different colours you see in a crystal along the three crystallographic directions.,;

Playing with Watercolour

€œWe are really loving watercolour patterns in tiles, wallpapers and artwork. Why not use a watercolour area rug in your space, or even create a carpet inlay under your bed as a focal point?€€“Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

Brixton Collection area rug ($9.98 per square foot).

Birds of a Feather

Designed by Maarten De Ceulaer for rug gods CC-Tapis and hand-knotted in Nepal, the Feathers rug ($11,354) isn€™t just for bird lovers.

Wired Up

Vancouver artist Sid Dickens (he of the cult-favourite Memory Blocks)  ventures into the world of art-under-foot with his Wireframe rug ($12, 235), part of a collection and
collaboration with Burritt Bros.

Numbers Game

A little bit Lichtenstein, a little bit Warhol, the Land Gallery and Blu Dot Numbers rug ($5,199) is a statement rug for a new era.

Beyond Canvas

In this collaboration with Knots Rugs, designs are reproduced from artist Michael Cole, who repaints classic works and then destroys them with his brush. Dark and moody, the paint on his Roses rug ($10,890) looks like It's literally dripping down the canvas.

Circling the Mark

Patricia Urquiola's winding, twisting, swatch-palette Slinkie rug ($13,681) is further proof that everything the world-famous architect and designer (#girlcrush) touches is solid gold.

Interpretive Measures

We love how the free-form and free-wheeling Montauk G rug (price on request) refuses to conform to rug society's square and circle norms.

Not Your Grandmother's Yarn Box

Moooi's Tangle Medan rug (from $4,239), from its playful Yarn Box collection, explores stringing beads and binding ribbons, as you do.,;