Their quality design and craftsmanship truly stand the test of time.

Montauk Sofa launched its first store in Montreal in 1997, and quickly began attracting interior designers and decorators, as well as discerning clients. Since then, the company has built on tradition and adapted to the times. Carbon neutral since 2006, Montauk has eliminated petroleum-based products, avoids using virgin materials, and designs its sofas to be recycled, either into another product or back to the earth. Today, Montauk has showrooms in North America’s most vibrant cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, New York, and Chicago.

Built to Last

What has attracted people to Montauk since its early days is the brand’s devotion to quality design, craftsmanship, and comfort. Montauk’s upholstered products are built to last, beginning the traditional way, with a solid wood frame overlaid with springs that are held in place by eight-strand flax rope. This strong foundation is then covered with cushions filled sumptuously with down or memory foam. Every Montauk sofa is hand made using only materials of the highest standard. Between them, Montauk’s range of lines—Modern, Classic, Archetype, and Slip Cover—offer enough variety to suit any personal style, especially since each sofa is upholstered in the client’s choice of fabric. Montauk’s slipcovers make its sofas all the more adaptable, allowing for clients to change their sofa’s appearance with the seasons…or with a whim.

Heather Sofa

HEATHER_SOFA_1_edited.jpg Montauk’s latest offering is its fully customizable modular sofa, Heather. This sofa’s lines are classic and minimalist, with a large pillow that folds over its the back, seeming to offer an invitation to infinite comfort. Available in various custom finishes and fabrics, including leather, Heather’s various pieces can be combined and styled to suit your space.

Roy Coffee Table

ROY_1_edited.jpg Montauk is about more that sofas. Case in point: the newly minted Roy Coffee Table, whose metal-tipped, wood stiletto legs are topped with concave glass, for a look that straddles classic, futuristic, and timeless. It’s a perfect balance that makes Roy a complement to any setting. For more information on Montauk Sofa, visit or a Montauk Sofa showroom near you.