Our resident expert sources some OK outdoor pursuits.

One of our most popular pieces of 2015 was Hiking Addiction head honcho Josh Hoggan’s favourite spots in the Valley. So, naturally, we went back to the well of hiking wisdom and wrangled him into giving us his five (next) best Okanagan hikes for this year.

canyon51. Canyon Falls via Canyon Falls Court

Distance from Kelowna 22 minutesDuration 30 minutesTrail length 1.5 kmElevation gain 90 mDifficulty Slightly challenging

Crawford (Canyon) Falls is a must-see for everyone. The City of Kelowna has recently completely revamped the trail to be rope-free and easily accessed by all. Upon reaching the first waterfall, pull out your bouldering skills and continue straight up the river. After pushing through berry bushes and walking creekside, reach a massive waterfall projecting off the top of the cliff.

enderby32. Enderby Cliffs

Distance from Kelowna 75 minutesDuration 4 hoursTrail length 14.58 kmElevation gain 868 mDifficulty Slightly challenging

The Skinny These cliffs tower high above Enderby, offering breathtaking views of the Shuswap and North Okanagan. Hikers can watch soaring birds play on updrafts created by the steep rock face and step back in time to the Tertiary period, when the cliffs were formed.

littlewhite23. Little White Mountain (Highland Trail)

Distance from Kelowna 105 minutesDuration 3 hoursTrail length 10.78 kmElevation gain 598 mDifficulty Hard

This gorgeous alpine hike extends into the forest south of Myra Canyon and west of Idabel Lake. It offers a short but challenging ascent, followed by a beautiful plateau with meadows, ponds and ridgeline views of the valleys.

MILL7Mill Creek Regional Park

Distance from Kelowna 22 minutesDuration 40 minutesTrail length 2.86 kmElevation gain 188 mDifficulty Medium

A forested walkway along Mill Creek leads you to a cascading waterfall, perfect for a dip in the summer. This family-friendly trail is on moderately flat terrain and is a little cooler due to the shade created by black cottonwood trees in the park. Many hikers continue along the river past the end of the trail on private property to reach a much larger series of waterfalls, a walk along thecanyon and a natural waterslide.

rosevalley10Rose Valley Perimeter Loop

Distance from Kelowna 12 minutes!Duration 3.5 hoursTrail length 13.60 kmElevation gain 913 mDifficulty Hard

This full-perimeter loop of Rose Valley offers vistas of downtown Kelowna, Rose Valley Lake and the McDougall Rim cliffs. After reaching the north side of the lake, begin the gruelling ascent. Along the journey you will pass under an enormous rock archway and pass a giant rock monolith.

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