As if Hotel Zed wasn€™t cool enough already, it's added a hot pink waterslide and a menu of modern comfort food to its repertoire€”just in time for summer

When you check in to Victoria's Hotel Zed, you have ample opportunities to get out and explore the city€”there's cute cruiser bikes you can borrow, and a vintage VW bus that shuttles back and forth from the downtown core€”but we might just prefer to stay put for the weekend. There's quirky retro furniture (think lime green €™60s sofas), ping-pong games on the go in the lounge and graffiti art and a rotary phone in every room: Hotel Zed may just be our happy place.And just in time for summer, the hot pink Zedinator waterslide is now up and running alongside the outdoor hot tub€”another great excuse to just hang by the pool on our next sunny Vancouver Island getaway.Zipping down the waterslide can work up quite an appetite, so it's a good thing The Ruby has now set up shop right off the hotel lobby. The restaurant serves up a menu of modern comfort food (the signature dish is a sizzling rotisserie chicken) in a space decked out in reclaimed wood and subway tiles, but if you€™d rather refuel in the comfort of your hotel room, good news: The Ruby offers take-out, too.Keep your eyes peeled for one of Hotel Zed's creative promotions this summer (on Valentine's Day, they offered a nooner package for lovebirds; for Halloween, they made their own mini movie, Zombies Begin with Zed), or if you just can€™t wait, book your room at right now.