Orca Air’s new plane takes only 30 minutes to get you to the Wild West Coast.

It’s a testament to how much people love Tofino that they regularly drive to Horseshoe Bay, wait for an hour, sail for two hours and then drive for another three hours to get there (that’s a 6-plus-hour trip if you’re counting). Flying is always an option, but there’s many a person who laments the combination of very small planes, slow speeds and big mountains to make that a less than desirable option. Well that’s about to change.Orca Air has just added a new plane—the Beechcraft Model 99 if you must know—that seats a very comfortable 15 passengers and can make the jaunt in just over 30 minutes, meaning you’ll have some extra time to take advantage of the spots on our exhaustively current Tofino Getaway Guide located here.