One the West's most prolific winemakers gets back to her roots.

Le Vieux Pin is one of the smaller wineries in Oliver, and for head winemaker Severine Pinte, the winery’s handcrafted production is a drop in a bucket compared to her last job overseeing production at a large collective in Southern France’s Languedoc region. It was there she learned her magic with syrah and viognier, a skill she employs deftly at Le Vieux Pin. But she’s still a regular to the south of France: here are a few of her favourite spots in Languedoc.WL1013.Lodeve1. The Farmer’s Market is located in the foothills of the famous plateau du Larzac—the narrow and winding street will lead you to olive vendors selling fresh brined Lucques or Picholines, fresh butter served with a spatula, and piles of organic heirloom tomatoes.WL1013.Gorges-de-lHerault2. The Gorges de L’Hérault flows through semi-mountainous country and wanders through the historic Cevennes. You can rent canoes down there and it’s a gentle ride through a dramatic landscape.WL1013.TroisTerres_Syrah_et_oliviers3. Trois Terres in Herault is a very small winery, owned by Dr. Graeme Angus and his wife, Alice. He’s an Englishman who went to Australia to learn about winemaking and settled in Languedoc to fulfill his dream—it’s great wine with a great story.WL1013.Randonneurs-dans-le-cirque-de-Gourgas4. The Cirque du Bout du Monde hike is not only spectacular (it’s located in a valley behind the beautiful Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert) but it’s also part of the famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.WL1013-jardin5. On special occasions, my husband and I head to Le Jardin des Sens in Montpellier. The Michelin one-starred restaurant serves a ”garden“ of classic Languedoc and Mediterranean flavours.WL1013.Gariguette-strawberry6. Garriguette strawberries are a local point of pride and they’re amazing. They’re less uniform and tastier than the ones found in North American supermarkets. wl