If you’re like us, you spend equal amounts of time dreaming about future travel and fretting about making plans given the possibility of travel restrictions. It’s a dichotomy that was front and centre when we wrote about this amazing Maui travel deal a few months back and more recently when we came across this “hidden” Whistler deal last week.

I say hidden because as near as we can tell the Chateau in Whistler isn’t actively broadcasting it, but it seems sort of awesome… if travel is allowed to Whistler after the long weekend. Here’s the skinny:

1. You have to be a BC Resident (sorry AB readers!);

2. You get 20% off BAR (best available rate) plus $100 hotel food and beverage credit;

3. Rates starting from $215 (Sun-Thurs) and $271 (Fri+Sat), which translates into $115/$171 once you factor in the food credit;

4. The booking dates are now through June 13 for travel between May 25€“June 13;

5. Cancellation is 72 hours in advance (in lieu of the 14 days that’s usual during the ski season).

So, the question is€”do you feel lucky? The full details are here, and, to be fair, the gambling aspect is relatively minor unless you are booking for right after May 25th. If DBH comes out next week and says no travel, then you can cancel, but the frisson of watching the first press conference after the long weekend to see does give it an added layer of interest, I suppose. More importantly, whether you go for this offer or not, it is key to remember what a brutal few months our friends in Whistler have had€”from the COVID outbreaks to the corresponding tourism slowdown, it’s been dire. So as soon as it’s safe (fingers crossed for Tuesday), head to the hills, folks.