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1. Foodie Road Trip Through the Okanagan

Fields of wineries, lakes on top of lakes—the Okanagan is a no-brainer for a last-minute excursion. Especially when you have an expert foodie planning your itinerary. Western Living Foodie of the Year Aman Dosanj, also the force behind Kelowna’s Poppadoms Taste India, hand-picks her favourite places for brunch and gourmet bites in this three-day foodie road trip guide. If you’re leaning more towards adventures in wine, check out our list of new must-visit wineries popping up in Oliver, B.C.


2. Secluded Coastal Escape to Nimmo Bay

Hot tub near waterfalls, spy on grizzlies and hole up in luxury chalets perched over the ocean. Take a short airborne jaunt north of Vancouver and you’ll find Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort—one of the most luxurious destinations in B.C.Popsicles-Pour-Some-Surgar-On-Me-The-Watermelon-Patch-Lovely-Bunch-of-Coconuts-683x1024

3. High Life Tasting Trip in Vegas

It’s a fabulously quick flight and the Vegas of today offers a bevy of glamourous options for the sophisticated traveller looking for more than bargain buffets and quality time on the slots—treats like boozy ice cream concoctions (cooled with liquid nitrogen), crème brûlée-stuffed French toast made by a James Beard award winner and (if you’re going to go buffet) we recommend the over-the-top custom Bloody Mary buffet in all its have-it-your-way glory. Here’s our full itinerary for 48 Hours in Vegas.The Greatest Whisky Bar in All of Christendom If I told you I thought about moving to Portland to be closer to the Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library

4. Cross-Boarder Jaunt to America’s Greatest (Affordable) Foodie City

One of the sweet things about eating in Portland is how darn affordable it is. The idea of charging someone $14 for a craft cocktail would be absurd. And the food is easily 25 percent less than in a comparably sized Canadian city, (are you listening, Vancouver?). Here’s where to eat, shop and stay in Portland.  700320

5. Scenic Train Stay Through the Rockies

Privy to vistas you can’t see by car, a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff allows you to curl up in a plush seat, alternating between guilty-pleasure reading the latest YA thriller and scouting out the windows for mountain goats and bears. Take the scenic route on your way to another destination or treat is as a destination of its own—read more in Why You Should Take the Train.Sanctuary on Cambelback Mountain is perched on the side of Camelback Mountain, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of town.

6. Indulge in Sun and Sustenance in Scottsdale

Another premium dining excursion for foodies, Scottsdale and its warmer temps are worth exploring. It’s a three hour flight direct and our writer has unearthed all its best bits in this Scottsdale Foodie Weekend Guide, including the breakfast spot that defies explanation: Tom’s Thumb Fresh Market Barbeque and Grill, a gas station with chandeliers and a premium car wash that sells Silver Oak cabernet.