We asked designers to share their favourite hotel designs from across the world, and the results are (no surprise) stunning. Get ready to experience some serious wanderlust.

Often when we travel, the hotel is just a place to hang your hat at the end of a long day of running around a new city. But some accommodations are just so thoughtfully designed that they inspire a trip in and of themselves. Case in point: these gorgeous hotels. We asked Western Canadian designers to share their favourite hotel designs (or the destinations they’re dreaming about) and together they compiled some serious travel inspiration. Which of these places will you be adding to your must-visit list?

Designers’ Fave Hotels From Across the Globe 

number16-2number16-libraryNumber Sixteen, London, England

“I recently stayed in the Number Sixteen hotel in London designed by Kit KempThe exterior of the hotel was very classic in its white and black colour palette, yet the inside was colourfully designed with patterns upon patterns using, different textures and colours. The effect was fun and inspiring while still providing an upscale, boutique feel. The contrast between the exterior and interior was so unexpected and very unique.” Victoria McKenney, Enviable Designs

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.30.52 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.31.05 AMDrift San Jose, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

“Years ago my friend (designer) Gaile Guevara showed me pictures of a resort she stayed at in Mexico. Ever since then, I’ve been fantasizing about visiting it myself one day. This Mexican hideaway is the perfect combination of rustic and contemporary design. I love the neutral, natural colour scheme and finishes, and the contrast between soft Mexican textiles and hard, rough surfaces. The exterior is stunning with the high contrast of the white stucco siding and black architectural details. This is the perfect example of how effective high contrast schemes can be!  The green plants and aqua-colour water, soften the cold, modern architecture and add colour to the grounds…now I’m craving jalapeño margaritas!” —Angela Robinson, Vancouver interior designer

taj taj2 taj3Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

“Having travelled the world to over 58 countries and seeing some of the most amazing places, I still put the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur in India at the top of my list. Having the opportunity to stay at this oasis in the middle of the lake was a dream come true. With all the wonderful, amazing new and modern hotels in the world today, there is no comparison to the architecture, design, craftsmanship and quality of construction than some of these true relics of the past—a luxury hotel, which has 83 rooms and suites featuring white marble walls. The Lake Palace is located on the island of Jag Niwas in Lake PicholaUdaipurIndia, and its natural foundation spans four acres. Taking a boat from the mainland here for the evening is truly sensational.” Adam Becker, aBeckerDesign



Juvet Landscape Hotel, Valldal, Norway

“My wish list of hotels to visit all consist of modern architectural destinations, featuring large glass expanses overlooking a secluded, rugged landscape. The top of my list is the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Valldal, Norway. For me, no structure in the world will ever be more impressive than the natural environment, and this space achieves a remarkable connection and intimacy with its surroundings. In my busy day-to-day life, I crave the simplified, stripped-back existence that the Juvet offers and I use these kinds of spaces as inspiration for my own life.” —Sarah Ward, Sarah Ward Interiors

hotel-pazo-de-altamira hotel1hotel-pazo-de-altamira-santiago-de-compostela-016-89061

Pazo de Altamira Hotel, Santiago de Compostella, Northwestern Spain

“What I loved about this hotel is the fact that the history of the building wasn’t erased—the modern renovation is more of an intervention rather than a complete makeover. The thick exterior walls are made of local stone, and this has been left exposed around the hotel including in the rooms. The architecture is part of the experience. In the rooms, the large windows open to the street, and to me this is so important to feel connected to the place you are visiting, and understanding where you are. You can appreciate the beauty visually, but you can also take in the sounds of the cathedral, and the smell of the street, the conversations of neighbours outside. The millwork is simple and clean, and well thought out. I loved the communal living room on the top floor. All in all, this hotel makes you feel like you are staying in a home away from home.” —Andrea McLean, Vancouver Interior Designer

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