Because saving space means more room in your luggage for bringing back souvenirs.

Whether you’re heading out of town for a family road trip, or spending six weeks villa-hopping in Italy, packing efficiently and effectively will set your adventures off on the right foot. We found nine packing hacks that will help you make globetrotting a breeze.1. Two for One

When you’re travelling, a new outfit daily is a luxury your compact carry-on can’t indulge—but pack two tops for every bottom, and you’ll get some serious mileage out of your luggage space. (Choose a wrinkle-resistant fabric to keep those double-duty pants look fresh day in and day out.)

Photo: Photo: YouQueen.com2. Roll OnSave space in your luggage by rolling up softer clothes (socks or undergarments) and folding stiffer ones (either jeans or sweatshirts). You want to have room if you wish to add new additions to your wardrobe.3. The Rule of Three Choosing which pair of your favourite shoes to pack can be a hard decision to make, but a pair of casual sandals, runners and evening shoes should have you covered for all occasions.4. Packing CubesHandy packing cubes (available everywhere from Amazon to MEC) help compress your clothing into easy, stackable bundles.Photo: prettyneatliving.com5. Keep it Light.Saving money is sometimes just as important as saving space (more cash for those mid-day gelato breaks). Hardshell suitcases add about four kilograms, so choose a lightweight suitcase instead and avoid extra weight charges when you check your bag.6. Less is MoreUse empty (and clean, of course) contact lenses cases for liquid makeup and avoid the risk of exploding-bottle syndrome.Photo: Photo: momalwaysfindsout.com8. Keep Cords Tidy.You want to spend your days (and nights) out exploring the vast world around you, not frustratingly detangling your iPhone charger. Tuck your cables and cords into an unused glasses case to keep them neat and tidy.Photo: Travel Observers Photo: Travel Observers9. Golden Laundry RuleYou don’t want to mix dirty clothes with your fresh outfits. Pack a plastic bag or tote for dirty laundry, so when you get home, you can just dump them into the washing machine.

Now that you’re a packing pro, it’s time to decide on your next travel adventure.