Air Transat has partnered with renowned chef, Daniel Vézina for a spectacular in-flight dining experience.

Reunions, vacations and adventures are best experienced in far away places. Whether you’re traveling somewhere new and unfamiliar or are simply returning home, it’s true that good memories often begin with a plane ticket. Fortunately, you can now expect to enjoy the journey to-and-from more than ever before. Air Transat has announced a partnership with renowned Quebec Chef, Daniel Vézina, providing passengers with a quality of food that matches the airline’s reputation as a leader in holiday travel.The new in-flight menu, the Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina, will highlight fine dining with the creative flourishes and modern techniques that Chef Vézina has been made famous for. The dishes, which are each accompanied by a cheese plate, dessert and a glass of wine, range from chicken ragout with lemon zest and seasonal vegetables to sweet potato gnocchi with red wine bolognese and Parmesan shavings. The wide variety of options aims to satisfy the most discerning palates, whether they are fussy kids or self-proclaimed foodies.

Sweet potato gnocchi with red wine bolognese, spinach pesto and Parmesan shavings.

Chicken ragout with lemon zest and seasonal vegetables.

Vegetarian moussaka with grilled vegetables, creamed goat cheese, tomato and red pepper coulis.

Duck confit lasagna with spinach and a sherry and foie gras emulsion.

Vegan risotto with rice cream, red pepper coulis and diced root vegetables with fennel.

Braised leg of lamb with spices, maple syrup and Indian vegetable curry.

Chef Daniel Vézina has been a part of the Quebec culinary scene for over 30 years. He is the co-owner of the Laurie Raphaël restaurants in Quebec City and Montreal, a critically acclaimed author and celebrated television personality. His most recent achievement was opening a health-food focused restaurant La Serre last May.Air Transat passengers can expect new menu offerings from Vézina each season, as well as flavorsome options for vegans, vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions.The Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina is already available to Air Transat’s Club Class passengers and Economy Class passengers on transatlantic flights. This July, the menu will be made available on flights to the South, making each getaway and vacation a unique culinary experience in its own right. Meals can be can be pre-ordered on Air Transat’s website or by calling the booking centre at (1-877) 872-6728. Meals will be complimentary for all Club Class passengers on all flights before 10:00pm

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