A Detox and Cleansing Retreat that teaches healthier living to guests.

Set upon a breathtaking 4000-acre nature sanctuary just an hour south of San Diego, Rancho La Puerta has evolved into a world-class luxury wellness facility since it was established in 1940. Today, guests of The Ranch can fine tune their personal wellness adventures, picking and choosing from 60-plus daily activities, ranging from sunrise mountain hikes and high-intensity interval training, to yoga and mindful meditation.

Fourteen days to renewal

Three times a year, The Ranch now offers a Detox and Cleansing Retreat, which promises to enrich the lives of guests, increasing their energy and clarity, while reducing both their waistlines and the disease-causing inflammation in their systems. Participants embark on a 14-day detox retreat that includes a seven-day cleanse with juices made with produce from The Ranch’s own organic farm.Holistic doctor Michael Finkelstein, MD, supervises the detox, providing guests with a consultation pre-arrival, as well as three private 90-minute sessions during their stay. Guests also benefit from two colonic hydrotherapies, a cleansing mud scrub, and their choice of two 50-minute spa treatments. Also included in the Detox and Cleansing Retreat are yoga, meditation, nutritional education, entertainment, art classes, daily group activities, and all Ranch programs.

Anti-Inflammatory Living

According to Finkelstein, The Ranch’s Detox and Cleansing Retreat prepares guests “with a discipline, and an organization, and knowledge, and inspiration, to carry this forward, so that the results that are achieved during the two weeks here are consolidated and sustainable.” Throughout their stay, guests learn how to continue to reap the benefits of disease-preventing anti-inflammatory living once they have returned home.For more information on Rancho La Puerta’s Detox and Cleansing Retreat, visit rancholapuerta.com/specials/#infoModal.

The Ranch welcomes Canadians

Canadians can save $750 on seven-night stays between June 30th and December 20th, 2019 (excluding July 27th to August 3rd). For more information on this and other offers, visit rancholapuerta.com/specials/ and for further details on all things Rancho La Puerta, visit rancholapuerta.com.