I’ve yet to find a pair of ski boots that I don’t want to rip from my feet by days’ end (ok, by lunchtime). I even went for a pair of those heat-moulded types this time around, and I’m still in a limp state by the time I wrap my skiing for the day.

I also know I’m not alone in my troubles€”there is no greater feeling than kicking off ski boots at the end of a glorious powder day. (Maybe it’s skiing that powder, too. Maybe.) And it’s why I’m fully enamoured with Nita Lake Lodge‘s new Champagne Nail Bar in their spa

The hotel has recently licensed the space, and developed a partnership with Moet et Chandon€”which means you can add a chilled Moët et Chandon Impérial Brut Mini to any treatment for $40. For me, of course, that meant a gorgeous pedicure for my screaming feet, and I have to say, a hot foot soak (and a buff-up of my much-neglected feet), a wee bottle of Moet, a super comfy Huppé lounge chair and a catch-up with a good friend was truly one of the best après-ski moments I’ve had in a while.

I even felt ready to put my boots back on the next day.