All our Hawaii getaway guides, all in one place.

Daylight savings hits this weekend, which means early nights and a serious vitamin D deficiency. Though tropical beaches and sunshine always appeal, this is the ideal time of year to dream about a Hawaiian getaway.So whether you’re just fantasizing as you wait out the Canadian winter, or are planning a real-life Hawaiian getaway, check out our island guides to Oahu, the Big Island, Kauai and Maui for tips on where to eat, sleep and play in paradise.big island hawaii

Getaway Guide: Hawaii’s Big Island 

With soaring volcanic peaks, endless black lava flows and the most superlative resorts, the Big Island of Hawaii is the fiftieth state at its most raw, impressive and luxurious.

Getaway Guide: Kauai 

Everybody knows someone who’s made the trek to Kauai, but with its pristine beaches, sprawling canyons and epic waterfalls, perhaps that someone should be you.maui

Getaway Guide: Maui

Yes, sure, the island has a fair share of tourist traps scattered among its 1,883 square kilometres, but a modicum of digging reaps rewards disproportionate to its size: waterfalls the whole family can jump off, abandoned back roads and memorable hole-in-the-walls for dinner. ModernHonolulu_Sunrise-Pool

Getaway Guide: Oahu

Westerners love Maui…and who can blame them? But let’s not forget that it was big brother Oahu that started tourism in Hawaii. And the island is right in the middle of a welcome reinvention as it sheds a tourist-tarnished reputation for being a wall of highrises and gets serious about being a high-end hot spot for sun, surf, shopping and plenty of spectacular sights.48Hours-Waimea-Bay-1024x682

Getaway Guide: Oahu’s North Shore

Love Oahu? We’re diving even deeper. Here’s how to have a swell time on Oahu’s North Shore. (The best part? You don’t even need a surfboard to have fun.)