Les Fleurs du Mal Rosé $16

I'd been buying this inexpensive French rosé for years before realizing what a weird name it has. The label may be all floral and sweet but correct me if I'm wrong— doesn't "Les Fleur du Mal" mean the Evil Flowers? If so....that's awesome. (It turns out it's title from a Baudelaire poem—boy, am I a hillbilly!)

This wine is a bit of an outlier in other respects, too—namely its colour is quite a bit darker than the standard Provençal rosé and its oh-so-delicate (Atlantic) salmon hue. This wine is from Cévennes, the mountainous wild east of France, and as such, it has a deeper pink that looks a wild Pacific salmon (which everyone knows is the king of salmons). And that boldness extends into the glass—it's not subtle on the palate, but has a solid blast of supermarket strawberries and cherry that's backed by some tannins. What saves this wine is a nice line of sharp acidity that brings it some bounce from start to the medium finish. 

But even more outlier-y is the price. French rosé has been creeping up in price such that I rarely buy it anymore. The Okanagan slays it for value, the Italian for interest. It was one thing when legitimate Tavel or Bandol was $30—those are serious, interesting wine worthy of some study. But $39 for Whispering Angel? I'll pass, merci. But this evil li'l fella at $16—sign me up.