Think hearty food, soothing country tunes and a couple of cocktails: it's a recipe for Calgary-style comfort. That's the Blue Jay Cafe. This collaboration between Eat North and Calgary Country is a songwriter circle series featuring comfort food, spirits, and 32 Canadian artists from across Western Canada. It's popping up in Kensington this weekend, and you're going to want to make room in your calendar (and stomach) to take in every note.

xBlue Jay Café Pop-Up

On the menu are holiday twists on classic comfort foods (think "Christmas ham" club sandwiches and "turkey dinner" hot dogs) and festive beverages including spiked hot apple cider and Jack Daniels whisky hot chocolate. Each songwriter circle contains two pairs of artists and only 54 audience members—it's the intimate, cozy, delicious experience you've been waiting for.

xBlue Jay Café Pop-Up

Here is the full festival lineup:

November 20
1st session (doors 5:30PM, music 6:30PM)
Ryan Lindsay
Matt Blais
Justine Giles
Brettyn Rose

2nd session (doors 8:00PM, music 9:00PM)
Aaron Pollock
Julia Vos
Alex Hughes

November 21
1st session (doors 5:30PM, music 6:30PM)
Devin Cooper
Ella Hartt
Lisa Nicole Grace
Lauren Mayell

2nd session (doors 8:00PM, music 9:00PM)
Lyndsay Butler
Matt Masters
Justin LaBrash
Bryton Udy (formerly of Leaving Thomas)

November 22
1st session (doors 5:30PM, music 6:30PM)
Robert Adam
Hailey Benedict
Kate Stevens
Megan Dawson

2nd session (doors 8:00PM, music 9:00PM)
Brad Saunders
Ryan Langlois
Luanne Carl of Renegade Station
Julianna Laine

November 23
1st session (doors 5:30PM, music 6:30PM)
Jake Mathews
Michela Sheedy
Olivia Rose

2nd session (doors 8:00PM, music 9:00PM)
Andrea Nixon
Brandi Sidoryk and Katie Rox of Nice Horse
Michael Daniels
Mariya Soetaert

Blue Jay Cafe is presented in support of the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary, an organization with aims to promote healthy choices and enable the community to educate, equip and feed themselves.

Blue Jay Cafe

Oak Tree Tavern
November 20-23