We take a tour of a loft-style space at the BC Home and Garden show from Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield.

When home shows roll into town, I always make a beeline for the real-life house displays. The Power Smart home in particular is a fun feature to walk through because BC Hydro teams up with a local designer who gets to put a chic spin on smart, energy-efficient design (using all the latest appliances and gadgets). At this past weekend's BC Home and Garden Show, Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield kitted out a loft-inspired space with creative wall treatments, mod urban furnishings, and tons of unique DIY touches—and we got a peek inside!  

Smart Design
Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield created a loft-inspired space at the BC Home and Garden Show to show off Power Smart tips alongside chic design. (Photo: Courtesy Jamie Banfield.)
Faux Fireplace
Here in the main living room, Banfield fashioned a faux fireplace out of baseboards, a slab of quartz and a metal box. This injects that cozy fire factor with just a small setup of candles—charming and energy efficient! We also like the West Coast-style speaker and how Banfield added mouldings to the wall for a touch of sophistication. (Photo: Courtesy Jamie Banfield.)
Spool Storage
The designer says he hunted through BC Hydro’s salvage yard to find these spools! His team cut them in half and stacked them to make a fun storage and display area for treasures and knickknacks. (Photo: Courtesy Jamie Banfield.)
West Coast Feel
The white and grey palette pairs nicely with this DIY headboard made from wooden slats. Flanking the bed you can see a faux window detail from local photographer Jenn Chan (created by IFresco Canada). (Photo: Courtesy Jamie Banfield.)
Smart Toilets And Fine Furniture
In the loft’s bathroom space sits a furniture-style vanity—something we’re seeing designers use more and more!—complete with plenty of storage. One of the stand-out features is the bathroom’s wall of grey 3-D Wow tiles from Julian Tile. The Kohler Veil smart toilet (which could almost be mistaken for a sleek modern garbage bin), is a compact one-piece with a tankless design. Click here to check out Wow Tiles
The Home Office
In this tucked away home office nook you’ll find fun details like the Scotty magazine holder, on-trend felt stool and mid-century modern desk. This is a very on-trend office nook! Here you can see the reclaimed and new mixed-wood wide-plank flooring, black metal details and a soft grey felt stool tucked under a mid-century modern white desk. (Photo: Julia Dilworth.)
Compact Kitchen
Banfield created a compact kitchen with a 24-inch cooktop, 24-inch wall oven and 24-inch fridge, outfitted with his personal line of The Banfield cabinets. Even in a more compact space his team installed a large sink that comes with a ton of practical gadgets. (Photo: Courtesy Jamie Banfield.)
Don’t Skimp On The Sink
According to the designer, the kitchen sink is THE most complained about choice after a renovation because people buy on looks or price and then aren’t satisfied with how it functions on a daily basis. Instead, Banfield recommends going for what’s practical, paying special attention to the faucet. “The most used piece in the kitchen is the faucet and the least amount of time is spent on selecting the correct faucet,” says Banfield.