Advertise With Western Living

Why should you advertise in Western Living Magazine? Here are 10 very good reasons:

  1. To tap into a uniquely western Canadian style
  2. To reach an exclusive audience of western Canada's highest disposable income earners
  3. To reach most readers right in their homes, where buying decisions are made
  4. To add authority to your marketing strategy
  5. To communicate an image of quality through association with Western Living's high production values
  6. To educate customers about the products and services you offer
  7. To expand into a new market
  8. To establish your niche
  9. To build confidence in your brand
  10. To create a desire to buy

For more than four decades Western Living has been delivering a quality magazine to readers with higher than average annual household earnings, giving them the most disposable income available in urban markets of western Canada.

The magazine delivers an impressive 442,000 readers in Western Canada. For rates and information contact sales manager Gabriella Sepulveda at gsepulveda@canadawide.com and 604-488-4865, or click here for a full list of sales reps in your area.