The first time I visited Granville Island, my mother took my sister and I there on a bus from Richmond. We missed our stop and got off the bus on the north side of the bridge, and instead of waiting for another bus, we walked back across it. I was maybe eight. I was scared of heights to the point that I wouldn’t ride a ferris wheel. I cried hysterically the entire time.

Despite a rough first encounter with the local hotspot for handicrafts, children’s theatre, and awkward tween dates, I did develop a fondness for Granville Island over the years. And what can I say€”I miss it. The dramatic search for a parking spot. The thrill of getting lost in the public market. The victory of eating a fresh flaky pastry before a seagull snatches it out of my grubby little hands.

Still, I’m not planning a visit to Granville Island (or really anywhere that’s not my fridge, grocery store or backyard) anytime soon. With COVID-19 numbers rising in B.C., I’m not comfortable venturing out much. Does that mean I can’t get locally made macarons, donuts, chocolate, and artisanal meats and cheeses? Of course not.

Vancouver Foodie Tours recently launched Granville Island Delivery Co., and it’s exactly what it sounds like€”good ol’ island goodies delivered to your door (pastry-hungry seagulls not included). There’s bulk goods like cheese platters and macaron towers, assorted baskets with sweet and savoury snacks, and an à la carte menu. Their contactless delivery is only $10 if you live in Vancouver (or free if you spend $99 for more).

It’s a great way to support Vancouver businesses and to enjoy local cooking that’s not your own. No need to weep your way across the bridge.

Find the whole menu at