Fall back in love with your home this season and take a look at our top picks for sprucing up your living space.

As we pack away the final remnants of summer—don’t worry, your 10 foot unicorn float will live to see another lake—your home, like ours, may have not received the TLC it truly deserves over the last few months. But fret not, as we’ve curated a collection of pieces that are guaranteed to see you through all seasons and add some life back into your space. Whether you're looking to ease in to the trend, or make it evergreen, we've got you covered. The ‘Moby’ Footstool  The Moby footstool by Made ($229) pairs the fabulous with functionality in its chic design. The simple shape and compact size is perfect for multi-use purposes and small spaces, whilst the velvet green fabric and brass finished legs are giving us serious luxe vibes. We almost feel bad for resting our feet upon this beauty.   Layer-0.png       Fir Green Desk Globe Update your space with Wild & Wolf's Fir Green Desk Globe ($94.50). Their contemporary take on a classic piece showcases a super sleek design that will look great atop any surface. It’s the perfect office accessory, and may even inspire you to start planning your next trip away. Globe-T.png     Mural Wallpaper Add a touch of mystery to your living space with this dark green mural wallpaper (from $4.09). Its rich tones melt together to create a blend of colours, giving depth and diversity to a room. Feature in an open area for dramatic effect and pair with this round brass mirror from West Elm to complement its diverse hues. Wallpaper-final.png The 'Sazil' Marble Accent Table As part of a collaboration with interior designer Aly Velji, this marble accent table ($224) will add an elegant touch to any room. Its slender frame is versatile enough to fit in most spaces; whether that’s your living room, bedroom or entry way, this unique piece won’t go missed. Table-final.png     Disintegrated Floral Rug We’re all about those earthy tones, and we think this disintegrated rug (from $379) adds a sense of calm and rustic edge to a space. Use it to anchor your furniture, and in doing so create a warm and cosy setting—perfect for those blustery nights in. Rug-TEST.jpg 'Present Time' Hanging Planter We may have cheated and taken 'green' a little too literal here, but an always-growing trend and the easiest way to add some life into an area is with house plants. Whether you’ve got a big space to fill or a small corner, including some greenery will immediately lift a room.  We love this ceramic hanging planter ($23) to get you started on creating your very own foliage family. New-Project-5.jpg