Today’s kitchen is no longer just a place where food is made. It’s a home office where work is done, where we meet to talk about our day, and engage, entertain and interact as families and with friends. Over time, it has become the home’s preeminent social space.

Fisher & Paykel’s approach to design is driven by intense curiosity—the desire to deeply understand both people and the life lived around our appliances. This shapes the way they create moments of delight in the heart of the home.

With increased social activity and prominence within our homes, kitchen design aesthetics have become more important. Our expectations around choices of style, quality, integration and finish options are greater than ever before.

The kitchen of today must take centre stage in increasingly complex, multi-faceted lifestyles, catering to weekday convenience, weekend gourmet experiences and everything in between. It needs to be designed for creative use through product solutions that preserve the quality of food, transform ingredients into cuisine, chores into beautiful experiences and routines into rituals.

What we cook, the number of cooks present and who we cook for affects the way we must design our kitchens. Rather than thinking about what appliances we need and where they should go in our kitchen, we think it’s best to ask the fundamental question: “How do I live?” Better yet, “How do I want to live?” By understanding patterns of use, we can plan and configure our kitchens to perfectly fit our lives.

Ultimate Kitchen Solutions

To create the perfect meal, you need a suite of appliances working seamlessly together to create a beautiful kitchen experience. Great kitchens flex and adapt to our needs, rather than the other way round. Ultimate Kitchen Solutions offer an approach to product performance tailored to the way you use the kitchen.

“In our cooking and refrigeration categories, an Ultimate Kitchen Solution is inspired by our understanding of temperature—degree-perfect heat and cooling right across the temperature spectrum, from deep freeze through to an intense sear or roast,” shares Dion Christie, GM of Brand & Content at Fisher & Paykel.

“We take equal care designing refrigeration products with zones that can be customized to offer perfect storage conditions specific to ingredient, food and beverage. Our refrigeration appliances provide intuitive control of temperature and humidity to slow aging and keep ingredients fresh—and the same Variable Temperature Zone technology is used in wine columns to precisely optimize climates according to a collection’s varietal requirements.”

The Beauty of Choice

One of the first decisions you make in your kitchen is what to hero and what to hide. Integration offers the ability to match the materiality of the kitchen or seek contrast by celebrating the materiality of the product.

As the kitchen becomes the home’s quintessential multifunctional space, integrated appliances can change the aesthetic reading from function and utility to a cohesive architectural statement. Choices of product style, style combinations, and integration options are essential to bespoke kitchen design.

Fisher & Paykel’s comprehensive suite of luxury products is meticulously crafted to offer you complete design freedom through a breadth of four refined aesthetic styles that integrate seamlessly with your kitchen: Minimal, Contemporary, Professional and Classic.

Design Freedom

As the heart of the home, the kitchen serves as both a practical, multi-functional space and an architectural statement. Design Freedom lets you plan beyond the work triangle and customize a kitchen layout to suit your exact lifestyle.

The functional aspect of Design Freedom is encapsulated by our understanding of the kitchen as a series of Work Zones, each shaped by where we store and prepare food, cook and clean.

Each zone is also shaped by our Patterns of Use—the activities we undertake, the ingredients, food and wine we buy, the number of cooks in the kitchen and what they like to cook, how we socialize and entertain and even where we like to sit and drink our morning coffee. From midweek convenience to weekend gourmet, all these factors help determine a perfect kitchen configuration.

Design Freedom is a result of Fisher & Paykel’s modular approach to product design. Using these modules, you can design beyond the kitchen work triangle and distribute appliances to where they make the most sense for your lifestyle. Get expert advice on Fisher & Paykel appliance design and selection that perfectly match your Patterns of Use and maximize Work Zones.

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