These gold table lamps put a modern twist on '70s style.

Lamp_WestElm.jpg 1. Flushed Bubbles

Chill out by the peachy blush of the two finely salt-blasted orbs on this asymmetrical Pelle lamp ($249), a limited-edition collaboration by West Elm and Pelle.

Lamp_Lightform1.jpg 2. Wooden Top

The Ginger ($620) by Marset defies convention with a pliable oak shade that diffuses and scatters light.

Lamp_Kozai.jpg 3. Throwing Shade

Though it’s not technically metallic, the warm wood of Kozai’s washi paper Issa table light ($1,220) still gives off a golden glow.

Lamp_Brougham.jpg 4. Mythical Monster

This Wade lamp ($2,400) by Arteriors resembles the fabled Hydra, with five brass heads sprouting from an onyx base.

Lamp_Lightform2.jpg 5. Lily Frond

Serena ($799) by Flos is inspired by nature’s stark beauty and throws light in gorgeous pools across your walls.

Lamp_CB2.jpg 6. Clean Cut

With a ritzy marble base and sleek minimalist look, this looping Warner table lamp ($229) is mesmerizing in its simplicity.

Lamp_OnceATree.jpg 7. Acrobatic Form

This Cooper buffet lamp ($1,080)—featuring four antique hand-rubbed brass frames arranged in a gravity-defying balancing act—works as a light source and a conversation starter.