fgdfgdfHarvest Moon

Serve up delicacies from your local bounty or just elevate tonight’s takeout
order on the Full Moon plate from Amanda Marie Ceramics ($64). amandamarieceramics.com

dfgdfgdfFun and Functional

Local ceramicist Meg Hubert embeds patterns of coloured clay into her hand-formed pieces ($48 each), making each one a distinctive piece of art. meghubert.com

dfsdfsadfasdasBlue Period

The abstract blue watercolour composition of the Artiste dinner plate ($23) is almost too lovely to cover in food. crateandbarrel.ca

dfsdfsdPrecision Aesthetic

Hasami Porcelain, from Japan’s foremost pottery district, is designed to be multifunctional, with pieces that nest neatly and often play dual roles (from $24). vanspecial.com

fgghhhhRaw Power

These gorgeous dinner plates from G Ceramic and Co. ($44) contrast a glossy jade interior with a unglazed raw edge, showcasing the natural speckles of the clay beneath.

ghhgggClean and Colourful

CB2’s line of Drift Reactive dinner plates ($18 each), available in indigo, red and silver grey, are sprayed with a special heat-activated glaze to achieve their textural finish. cb2.ca