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Timeless Elegance

Poliform’s 2021 collection tells the story of a new idea of style—softer, contemporary, sustainable

The stunning new collection from Poliform is inspired by the universal will to share refinement, sensuality, culture, and quality.

Designer Jean-Marie Massaud reinterprets the living room as a domestic landscape made of organic shapes and curved lines: Sofas and armchairs where design and comfort find the perfect balance, coffee tables that stand out for their sculptural look, and where sustainability embodies consistent quality and good in the world.

The collection is designed by reinterpreting Poliform’s signature style as a lifestyle—between quality of design, harmony of shapes, excellence of materials, and know-how.

Sofas (cropped)Courtesy of Poliform

“It’s an adventure we write and an evolution we share,” Massaud says of his work with Poliform. “Poliform is first a human company. It is a family, a team, a vision. It has a unique way of creating refined, timeless elegance.”

Inspired by organic forms that reinterpret the design of the 70s, Saint-Germain is a sofa system capable of transforming any space into a warm and intimate landscape, infusing a pleasant feeling of domestic comfort.

Soft and enveloping lines are present in all the elements of the collection, which includes diverse modules allowing users to create linear, angular or unconventional compositions, always characterized by an interplay of volumes and depths with welcoming appeal.

BookcaseCourtesy of Poliform

From the haute couture materiality of bouclé fabrics to the contemporary elegance of hide, the finishing enhances the voluptuous volumes of Saint-Germain, making it aesthetically versatile.

The Saint-Germain collection is completed with the new Koishi coffee tables. Designed to complement the sofa, they reflect its curved lines with a unique and essential elegance, expressed both in the organic shapes and in the choice of materials like metal, marble, stone and wood.

Designed as natural complements to the Saint-Germain sofa for their quiet elegance, the Koishi coffee tables add personality to any living space.

Le Club is Massaud’s new armchair, inspired by the archetypal leather-bound club chairs of the early 20th century and reinterpreted with a minimalist form.

Living room with TVCourtesy of Poliform

Le Club has kept the rounded lines and incomparable comfort of the club's armchairs that inspired it, but it has streamlined the volume giving it a more casual, contemporary elegance. The fabric or leather upholstery is not removable: adhering perfectly to the steel structure with flexible polyurethane molded seating, it is all-in-one with the armchair's design.

Essential in shape and innovative in nature, the Orbit coffee table is made entirely of glass. Its simplicity hides a complex manufacturing process. The rounded top is welded to the conical bronzed glass base with a special UV technology, leaving no joint visible.

Visually light and minimal, yet with a sculptural look, the new coffee table stands out as a true element of surprise with its simple yet dazzling presence.

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