Keep It Coming

Which trends do we wish were here to stay?


“Many people are thinking that mixing metals is going to fade out. But we love this—we can create drama with a brass kitchen faucet as the focal point and mix in matte black
handles to create an interesting yet cohesive design.”Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

Patterned floor tile—it’s one of my favourites. There is such a huge variety right now, from concrete to porcelain, from country-chic to mid-century-modern geometrics. I’m seeing more suppliers roll out more patterns, and I love it!”Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House

asdfSchönbuch Lola screen (from $2,970).

Curves—I can’t get enough of them! I’ll be okay if this one stays around for a bit.”Erin Chow, The Haven Collective

asdfClé weathered white zellige tilework ($19.50 per square foot). cletile.comHandmade or imperfect materials.”Kyla Bidgood, Bidgood and Co.

dfa4601 Frozen Terra from Caesarstone’s Metropolitan collection (price on request).

“For 2020 trends, we’d love to see terrazzo stay around. Terrazzo is a great way to add a textural element to many spaces, whether that be your kitchen island countertop or on the floor and wall of your ensuite.”Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Design

So long

And just as important: if you could see the last of one trend, which would it be?


“This may be very unpopular for me to say, but murals. My best friend in elementary school had one of a tropical beach that took up the entire wall in his living room. I can’t stand stuff like that. Over-scaled wallpaper patterns? Sure thing! Can’t get enough. One image that wraps around the entire wall or room so that it looks like the Amalfi Coast? Nope, never. No, thank you!”Kevin Mitchell, Mitchell Design House

“I am so over the white-on-white kitchen. It’s the definition of low-hanging fruit and I hope we can move past it.”Ben Leavitt, PlaidFox Studio


Animal heads on walls, in any form: bone, faux-bone, or even as stuffies. People seem to forget what this is or what it represents—the needless death of a living creature for decoration.”Francesca Albertazzi, Rudy Winston Design