It€™s been a long year of hibernation, but in our collective cocooning here in western Canada, imaginative minds have been busy. Makers have been making, designers designing and Creatives have never been more creative. Western Living€™s annual Designers of the Year is all about honouring the best of the West: it€™s now time to share, celebrate and champion all your hard work so sharpen your pencils.   

Take it from past winner Sean Pearson of RUFProject:

€œIt was such an honour to win the 2020 Arthur Erickson Memorial Award,€ says Pearson, director of RUFproject. €œI think it€™s so crucial to bring focus to Western Canadian design culture, to make that culture visible and to engage ordinary Canadians in a compelling way.€

So, get your work in front of some of the most prominent names in the design world. From celebrated designer Jonathan Adler to starchitect Tom Kundig, our past judges€”both local and global€”have stood tall as some of the world€™s leading talent.

If they select your work, we'll feature it in Western Living€™s September issue and online at, as well on our Instagram and Facebook. we're also looking forward to crowning the Best of the West at our annual Designers of the Year Awards event, which looks to finally be in person again. Check out the winning designers from years past or sort winners by category.

Get your submission in by Friday, April 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. for your chance to win.

Entry Fee (payable upon submission): $100 (plus tax). Here are the rules and regulations and then get ready to complete our 2022 Designers of the Year entry form belowQuestions? Check out our FAQ page.


Emerging Architect or Residential Designer: Arthur Erickson Memorial Award*
Interior Design
Emerging Interior Designer: Robert Ledingham Memorial Award*
Industrial Design
Maker/One-of-a-Kind (handmade products that do not fit into any other category)

*The spirit of both Memorial Awards is to acknowledge designers who appear poised for wide-spread acclaim, but who are still early in their career development. As such, only one to three projects are required to be eligible to enter.