This time, we really mean it: the final, final FINAL deadline to enter our 2023 Designers of the Year awards is a few days away: Friday, April 14, 11:59 pm.

And this one’s for all you industrial designers: here are the internationally acclaimed judges for the category! From the creative lead of one of France’s top luxury furniture brands, to a designer who’s created some of the most influential brands in Western Canada, to a lighting designer whose incredible work is central to many of the projects that appear on the pages of WL—these are your judges.


Simone Vingerhoets-Ziesmann

Roset USA Corporation

Simone Vingerhoets-Ziesmann joined Roset USA in September 2017 as Executive Vice President for the Americas. Roset USA is the subsidiary servicing the North- and Latin American markets for the renowned French furniture and luxury lifestyle brand Ligne Roset, known for its artful collaborations with both established and up-and-coming talents in contemporary design.

Increasing both consumer sales as well as contract sales across North and Latin America during her tenure with Ligne Roset, Simone has also elevated the brand perception in the US through various high-profile brand and marketing activities. Some highlights include: Dynamic Expansion art and design installation by artist Liz Collins in collaboration with Pollack and Sunbrella Contract; special exhibition on Philippe Nigro’s body of work in collaboration with Mobilier National; a partnership with GCE Lab School supporting socially responsible young citizens and hands-on learning experiences; Ligne 102 transformative modular installation made entirely of cork and designed by Bernard Dubois; the Wanted Design show under the philosophy “Design is about telling a story and Ottoman is the story of a land where indoor and outdoor permanently co-exist“ with French Designer Noe Duchaufour-Lawrence supported by the creation of an outdoor scenography inside a gallery; and Design Miami “Transformation” presentation in partnership with Directed Art Modern and world-class artists Troy Simmons, Sean Mick, Lukasz Bilinski, Bego Santiago and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. And coming in 2023 she will lead a multi-city exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Togo design, complete with historic elements, special editions, and an experiential podcast corner to learn more.

Passionate about design, Simone has been a founding member in her role at Artek of BeOriginal Americas, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting intellectual property and counteracting design piracy while investing in design’s future, and continues to be a member of the Be Original Americas board on behalf of Ligne Roset. She is an avid marathon runner and triathlete, frequently seen on the podiums winning age group awards.

Geof Lilge

Geof Lilge Studio

Canadian Geof Lilge is a furniture designer, maker and entrepreneur. His 25 plus years of experience spans bespoke and mass product design and manufacturing for both residential and commercial markets.

After studying industrial design at University of Alberta, Geof co-founded Pure Design, an award-winning furniture manufacturer; founded OnOurTable, a contemporary kitchenware brand; and founded Division Twelve, a manufacturer of contract and hospitality furniture (acquired by Keilhauer in 2019).

Geof Lilge Studio is based in Alberta, Canada.

(Photo: Britney Gill)

Matthew McCormick

Matthew McCormick Studio

Matthew’s mind sees the potential in everything around him. Inspired by shape and form, intrigued about composition and always considering the impact of his designs, each of his creations is an expression of well-informed vision and a finely tuned technical understanding of engineering and manufacturing.

Matthew infuses passion into every project by working collaboratively with designers and architects, creating lighting as unique as the spaces themselves. With the ability to take a simple idea and shape it into a compelling installation, his dedication to curiosity forms his process, material manipulation and conceptualization. From a simple, stand-alone fixture to large-scale illuminated art installations, each piece and project is well considered and consciously created. As a philosophy, he believes that it’s not the sum of the parts – it’s the intrinsic value of how they’re put together.