This time, we really mean it: the final, final FINAL deadline to enter our 2022 Designers of the Year awards is just a day away: Thursday, April 14, 11:59pm.

And this one's for all you makers/one-of-a-kind creators: here are the internationally acclaimed judges for the category! From a ceramicist whose works are collected around the world, to a curator who's behind the top design shows in Canada, to an entrepreneur who's created an incredibly successful design business that puts purpose, sustainability and social justice at its forefront—these are your judges.

dexter peart

Dexter Peart, GOODEE

Dexter Peart is the co-founder of leading sustainable design marketplace GOODEE, a B-Corp certified e-Commerce platform that brings together the values of good design, good people and good purpose. Founded in May 2019 with his identical twin brother, Byron, GOODEE aims to empower creators, makers, and consumers to make a social impact through a global online marketplace that fosters transparent sourcing, upcycling, ethical treatment of its people, and waste reduction. GOODEE has emerged as a leader in the sustainable design industry, recently being honoured as a finalist for Fast Company's World Changing Ideas 2020, as well as partnering with prestigious organizations such as The Whitney Museum in New York and the United Nations’ Ethical Fashion Initiative. With a creative and passionate team split between Montreal, New York, and Paris, Dexter and Byron act as creative directors for the platform.

Peart was named one of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in 2015, and he received the Accessory Designer of the Year Award in 2014 and 2016 at the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards. He has also been included regularly amongst Business of Fashion's prestigious BoF 500 list. Peart began his career in fashion with the launch of WANT Agency in 2000, where he and his brother introduced many of-the-moment brands to the North American market. In 2007, they founded the critically-acclaimed accessories brand WANT Les Essentiels, which they followed with the multi-brand retail concept store WANT Apothecary in 2011. Peart is currently Vice Chairman of the Board of DESTA Black Youth Network, and in 2021, was appointed to the Board of Directors at premium outdoor-lifestyle brand, Roots.


Bronwyn Gourley-Woo, IDS Vancouver/IDS Toronto

Bronwyn Gourley-Woo is a devoted member of the interior design community in Vancouver and became a part of the IDS Vancouver team in 2014. Prior to joining the IDS team, she worked as a residential interior design consultant, architectural technologist and installation floral designer in Vancouver and has been entrenched in the design and events industry for over 16 years.

Currently, she is the Senior Event Manager for IDS Vancouver and IDS Toronto, where she leads the West Coast efforts of the Interior Design Show brand with outreach to design studios throughout the Lower Mainland and up and down the West Coast of North America.

Bronwyn is a proud advocate for the Pacific Northwest design community and will push to ensure they are included in and invited to every opportunity granted to other leaders in the design industry.


Janaki Larsen, Janaki Larsen Studios

Janaki grew up in the prairies of Alberta and the Coast of British Columbia. The daughter of artists, she attended Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, where she began studying ceramics. Each of her pieces is hand-thrown and hand-glazed, and no two are alike. Each item carries its own raw identity with a quiet and monochromatic aesthetic that feels as if it has survived from another time and place.

Being visually insatiable, she is strongly influenced by nature and light. She loves everything about dirt—growing plants in it, making ceramics out of it. Janaki is also the mastermind and co-owner of beloved Vancouver landmark, Le Marche St. George.

Enter now!Deadline is April 14, 2022: we can’t wait to see what you’ve got!