The top 100 finalists you see here have faced some stiff competition to come out on top. In our first year of the WL Design 25 Awards we received over 600 entries—and no surprise to us, they were all shining examples of the world-class design scene in Western Canada.

In case you missed it, the WL Design 25 is a brand-new awards program, celebrating 25 of the best new designs of the year. While our WL Designers of the Year awards celebrate a body of work, the WL Design 25 awards are designed to focus on specific projects: from an inviting bedroom to a perfect chair, an elegant office space to a sustainably crafted coffee table.

Each of the 25 winners in our inaugural WL Design 25 represent the best of Western Canadian design in 2024. 

But first: the finalists. Congratulations to each of our finalists here! And stay tuned for our winners announcement in March 2024, when the top 100 becomes the final WL Design 25.

The Top 100 Finalists for the 2024 WL Design 25 Awards


Photo: Conrad Brown; Other Collaborators: Contractor — Ken Cheung; Metal — New Format; Wheat Installation — By Nature; Stone — Marble Art; Signage — Glasfurd & Walker

&Daughters: Small Victory Brentwood 

A third Small Victory outpost in North Burnaby embraces the raw materiality of the existing concrete structure and features a palette that blends naturally with the base building.

Photo: Josiah Peters; Other Collaborators: Millwork – Vice Versa; Carpentry – Arix Homes; Cork – Europlex; Furniture – Inform Interiors; Acoustic Ceiling – Hush Acoustics

&Daughters: IDS VIP Lounge 

A design that highlights (and celebrates) sustainable building materials that are warm, inviting, tactile and possess qualities that support environmental design. 

A Light Studio by Man & Son Design: Kingfisher Sconce 

Inspired by ripples in the water as the kingfisher dives to catch its prey, the Kingfisher Sconce is carved by hand to create a dappled light. 

AdrianMartinus: Stackton Credenza 

Made from repurposed skateboard decks, the credenza reimagines a classic mid-century design into a colourful, yet elegant piece of highly functional furniture.    

Photo: Tina Kulic; Other Collaborators: Countertops and backsplash – SSC Countertops; Faucet – Kohler; Appliances – Midland Appliance; Millwork – Sofo Kitchens; Counter Stools – Thomas Hayes Studio

AK Design: Greenside Kitchen 

This kitchen is modest in square footage but big on thoughtful details like Python Quartzite on the backsplash and unlacquered brass hardware.   

Photo: Janis Nicolay; Other Collaborators: Pacific Rim Cabinets; Decals – Fast Signs; Flooring – Divine Flooring; Steel Front on Reading Nook – Birdman The Welder; Window Coverings – Premier Automation and Design; Peg Board – MJY Fabrication Inc.

Alair Homes/Jamie Banfield Design: Ronald McDonald House Playroom Renovation 

A transformed space that encourages play, adventure and provides an escape in a room that includes a kitchen, grocery store, dress-up area; a reading nook with custom planetary seating; and a massive peg board.  

Photo: Janis Nicolay; Other Collaborators: Contractor –  Macanta Construction; Millwork – Millhouse Industries

Alex Dampsey Design: Office/Guestroom/Storage 

A design that looks beautiful from all site lines, providing the homeowners with the ability to use the bed space as a lounging/reading zone (if no guests are occupying it, of course). 

Alykhan Velji Designs: All Squared Up Wallpaper 

Orderly squares aren’t so rigid anymore—their borders have softened into an informal, convivial weave where quadrangles are stretched and warped into casually imperfect forms.  

Photo: Joel Klassen; Other Collaborators: Liber Custom Cabinetry; Square Developments Inc.; Maxwell Fabrics; Article

Alykhan Velji Designs: AVD Kelvin Grove Primary Retreat 

A gorgeous retreat that speaks volumes on how to work with existing architectural details to make a space function well—with a play on texture and pattern. 

Photo: Joel Klassen

Amanda Hamilton Interior Design: Strip Joint 

Vibrant colour blocking, geometric and curvilinear shapes, bold neon lighting, bossy terrazzo and multicoloured acrylics create a captivating and Instagram-worthy backdrop for a restaurant that features chicken fingers with a twist. 

Photo: Joel Klassen

Amanda Hamilton Interior Design: Take a Hike Market 

Reflective of the French-Canadian menu as well as market owners’ personalities, the space is as refined as it is playful. 

Photo: Janis Nicolay; Other Collaborators: Bradford Hardware, Caesarstone countertops, Luminosa Lighting, Brizo faucets/BA Robinson

Andreajae Studio: Aspenwood Kitchen 

A naturally bright and airy kitchen shines in a rich palette of wood, navy blue paint, marble inspired countertops, brushed gold hardware and feature glass cabinet doors.  

Atelier Dimo: D4 Lounge Chair 

A solid wooden frame made with traditional joinery supports a bent laminated seat and back, which are carefully curved to cradle its occupant. 

Photo: Brit Kwasney

Autonomous Furniture: Alexandra Table 

A dramatic round table featuring a thick blackened conical steel base is meticulously curved and joined to create a seamless connection.  

Photo: Negar Sedighi; Other Collaborators: Mohsen Kafaei; Farid Hosseini; Nafas Dadgar; Mona Aminoraya

Behnaz Sartipi Design Studio: Intersection – Lawyer’s Office  

A calming and stress-reducing environment for clients, with a design concept centred around the lawyer’s role as a bridge between individuals and the legal system. 

Ben Barber Studio: Xenolith Long 

An elegant interplay of stone with an inset table leg system—in this case a king high-crystal Patagonia Granite slab with burnished brass legs. 

Birdman the Welder: B.I.G. Planter Pot 

This fully waterproof plant pot is 3-D printed using a matte black PLA (an environmentally friendly, recyclable bio plastic) and features a blackened steel band that is sealed with a multi-layer wax finish. 

Brent Comber Originals: Nest 

Like the birds’ nests that survived an infamous windstorm in 2006, this chair’s design inhabits a space between art and design with sculpted curves that envelop the user in a feeling of comfort and security.  

Buckshee Woodshop: Stance Side Table 

A wide-diameter top on this conical pedestal-base end table provides generous surface area for essentials, while the small-footprint base maximizes space efficiency.  

Caliper Studio: Weave Console 

An experiment in materiality, this slim profiled, contemporary entertainment unit features woven cane doors covering its three storage compartments.   

Capella Design Studio: Corbel Adjustable Side Table 

Corbel is a modern side table with an adjustable tray that swings into position— and with its modern design and finishes, this accessible tray table belongs in the home, not the hospital. 

Cathy Terepocki Ceramics: Relics from a Factory Lunchroom  

Made from clay salvaged at the site of the former Sumas Brick factory, the limited-edition series was inspired by objects that would be found in a factory lunchroom in the eighties. 

Photo: Provoke Studios; Other Collaborators: Pacific Solutions Contracting; Peregrine Millwork Ltd

Courtney Cline, Mallen Gowing Berzins Architecture: Jungle Room 

Inspired by a canopied jungle, the design evokes feelings of cover and seclusion – curved booth seating offers more privacy; cascading overhead plants and dripping light fixtures work to achieve intimacy. 

Photo: Jeremy Crowle

David Ives Reclaimed Art: Jireh Collection 

In West Coast colour palettes of grey/blue, sage green and dusky pink, the designs are constructed from reclaimed materials rescued from demolished buildings, leather sofas and more.   

Emily Cheung Ceramics: 070 x Mended with Gold Wood-fired Vessel 

The wood-fired teardrop stoneware vessel features a flashing, shino glaze, wood ash and gold kintsugi accents. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: General Contracting – Billy Thistle of Point Break Developments; Millwork & Corian – Jason Good Custom Cabinets

Falken Reynolds: Cadboro Bay Mudroom

In this functional, airy mudroom, minimalist detailing is paired with durable surfaces; smart storage solutions allow clutter to be hidden away, while often-used coats and shoes are tidily within reach. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: MKL Construction; Craftsman Glazing; Ennova Structural Engineers Inc

Frits de Vries Architects + Associates Ltd: Boundary Bay Residence Entry Vestibule 

The entrance sequence in this Tsawwassen home transitions guests from the street to the heart of the home. Behind the custom-designed glass and wood front pivot door lies a spectacular new 30ft x 9ft walkable skylight, floating over the length of the new entry vestibule. 

Photo: Peter Powles; Other Collaborators: Fook Weng Chan, Architect; Sean Michel, SMC Contracting; Diego Ortiz, Architect

FWC Architecture & Urban Design Inc.: The Grotto 

The homeowner describes this grotto space as “a return to stillness”: a burnt-cedar meditation room that reveals the rocky base of the adjacent cliff through a glass panel. 

Photo: Luke Potter Photography

Garret Cord Werner Design/Werner Construction: Waterfront Pavilion Primary Bathroom 

A design that takes the idea of forest bathing in a whole new direction with this ensuite, where the homeowners can soak in the view from the egg-like tub. 

GoodBeast Design: The Summit 

It’s not just the colour that makes this piece reminiscent of the sea: it’s the waves in its delicate form. 

Photo: Sama Jim Canzian; Other Collaborators: Contractor – ESMB Inc.

Haeccity Studio Architecture Inc: Qipao Studio, Maplelight House 

A renovation of an ADU brought a fresh palette and abundance of natural light to a newly functional space. Day to day, it’s a Qipao studio, but it can be easily transformed into a guest suite. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Measured Architecture Inc; Eyco Building Group, Ltd.

Hungerford Interior Design Ltd.: Granville Island Private Office 

Aged beams, the iron frames of the windows and all of the beautiful patina have been repurposed into a warm, inviting modern business space. 

J&S Custom Furniture Co.: Böll Bar Cabinet 

Built from reclaimed maple, the bar cabinet is a feat of impressive woodworking: mitred joints and back panel hold things artfully together: the only fasteners here are the drawer slides and hinges. 

Joshua Swanson: Sway Fidget Chair 

This moving school chair proposes an elegant solution to the too-rigid set-up in traditional school settings.   

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Builder – Trillium Homes; Architect – Mason Kent

Knight Varga Interiors: Forever Home Primary Suite 

An ensuite designed for the homeowner couple to use together, but also with sound proofing in mind for the times their schedules were not in sync.  

LAKAZ Studio: Arch N°1 Oddment Series 

Arch N°1 serves a dual purpose as a decorative bookend or paperweight; when inverted, it transforms into a small vase for a few delicate stems. 

Photo: Frank Lee

Lifted Movement: The Movement Cart 

Lifted’s theory: fitness equipment will be used more if it’s happily displayed in plain sight. This beautiful weight-storage system puts the hypothesis to the test. 

Photo: Darren Sutherland; Other Collaborators: Hari Stone; Cantu; Mac’s II Agencies – Lighting Consultant; Stone Tile; Anne Starr; Meister Construction

Lindsay Eby Interiors: Blaney Billiards Powder Room 

Graceful curves define the powder room here, accented by soft lighting and a dramatic oval-shaped vanity crafted with hand-ground Crystallo quartz. 

Photo: Eymeric Widling; Other Collaborators: Wallpaper Installer – Modern Walls; Ceramic Wall Tile Installation – Baxter Tile

Louis Duncan-He Designs: Woo Basement 

A cookie-cutter basement becomes a moody, textural retreat—complete with eye-catching details like a custom moss installation. 

Photo: Santiago de Hoyos; Other Collaborators: Client – Leah Alexandra Jewelry; Project Assistance – Studio Mnml; Builder – Pacific Solutions Contracting; Stone – Simon Henry

Marcela Trejo: Leah Alexandra Jewelry Headquarters 

Designing a jewellery studio to suit a variety of different production and retail needs, Trejo has created a true gem of a space. 

Photo: Carl Ostberg

Marrimor Objects: Toof 

Marrimor describes the Toof as “a side table with a trick up its sleeve.” That trick? A textural poof that slides out from a sleek metal base. 

Photo: Britney Gill

Matthew McCormick Studio: Ova 

Through textured, dimensional glass layers, the handmade Ova pendant light casts diffused and ambient warmth. 

Photo: Hufton + Crow; Other Collaborators: Builder – Hart Tipton Construction; Landscape – Botanica Design

McLeod Bovell Modern Houses: Liminal House Primary Bedroom 

The wall pulls away to connect the indoors with a stunning waterfront view in this gorgeous bedroom. 

Photo: Hufton + Crow; Other Collaborators: Builder – Hart Tipton Construction; Landscape – Botanica Design

McLeod Bovell Modern Houses: Liminal House Living Room 

A slightly sunken living room invites you in, alongside a dramatic staircase and a window into the lush inner courtyard. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Powers Construction

Measured Architecture: Shor House Living Room 

This island retreat takes inspiration from sculptor Donald Judd’s open, structurally exposed spaces. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Powers Construction

Measured Architecture: Veil House Flex Room 

Hidden pocket walls at the perimeter of the room provide a space where the kids can read, watch movies or daydream; a floating white pavilion houses a top-side perch for sleepovers.  

Meemware: Quarry Vase 

The small-batch, “slow-made” design is perfect in its imperfection. 

Meemware: Asali Mug 

This mug is made with a Japanese Kurinuki technique.’Kurinuki’ means ‘carving out,” and the results are raw and sculptural. 

Photo: Kezia Nathe

New Format Studio:  Borrowed Forms Credenza 

This piece borrows shapes of the natural world. Rocks, charred wood and forest debris are selected for form and texture; their impressions are captured in poured jeweler’s wax. 

Oehl Interiors: Yarro 

The clean lines and simple silhouette of the Yarro light (inspired by both Scandinavian and West Coast sensibilities) create a timeless design. 

Photo: Janis Nicolay; Other Collaborators: Kennedy Construction

Oliver Simon: Pemberton Heights Bedroom 

A little girl’s bedroom is transformed into a haven of imagination with vibrant floral wallpaper and a secret book nook. 

Onetwosix Design: Pop-Upsicle Benches 

The Pop-Upsicle benches can be found out and about in Edmonton, giving people a sweet place to kick up their feet. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Landscape Architect – Botanica Design; Builder – Hart Tipton Construction; Surveyor – Hobbs, Winter & McDonald, BC Land Surveyors; Structural Engineers – Aspect Structural Engineers; Geotechnical Engineers – EXP Inc; Envelope Consultant – Busque Engineering; Windows & Doors: – Siber Special Projects

Openspace Architecture: Marine Residence Study  

This home office is separated from the main floor by a floating bridge that crosses over a trickling stream.  

Photo: Russell Dalby; Other Collaborators: Landscape Architect – Donohoe Designs Inc.; Surveyor – Doug Bush Survey Services Ltd.; Structural Engineers – Wicke Herfst Maver; Geotechnical Engineers – EXP Inc.; Envelope: CSA Building Science Western Ltd.; Construction – Bradner Homes Ltd.

Openspace Architecture: Mountainscape Bedroom 

A West Coast Modern interpretation of a Bavarian ski chalet, Mountainscape offers its users a refuge of balance. 

Origins: Swell  

The intriguing wall art captures what Origins calls “a fleeting moment in an endless cycle, as a primal force rises and falls tirelessly upon the shorelines embrace.” 

: Ridge Pedestal Table 

The cylinder which holds the tabletop aloft is built from a collection of narrow staves, creating a compelling celebration of texture. 

Pablo Mariano Craft Studio: ∞ chair 

The designer set out to create a piece of furniture using as few tools and materials as possible; the result is a chair that’s “woven” from steel.  

Part and Whole: Chord Sofa  

Chord is a modular sofa system defined by its graphic, quilted topper and intuitive configurability. 

Patkau Architects: Joey Stool 

The esteemed architects enter the industrial design arena with a bang: the Joey is a light-weight stool designed for contemporary spaces.  

Patkau Architects: Maitake Table 

The Maitake table is inspired by the spontaneity of mushrooms sprouting overnight. 

Photo: Ciara O’Hanlon Photography

Pause Company: Cork Mushroom Stool 

Another excellent piece of furniture inspired by fungi, the Pause Company created their whimsical stool for kids. 

Photo: Janis Nicolay; Other Collaborators: Contractor – Matt Glavind of Leftcoast Homes; Cantu Bathrooms; Kohler Signature Store by EMCO Corp; Millwork – Millwerks

Peter Wilds Design: Powell Street Ensuite Bathroom 

The bathroom in this Gastown space celebrates the building’s inherent and historical appeal.   

Photo: Ema Peter

PlaidFox Studio: Oceanview Bedroom  

The design team eschews the typical bedroom neutrals for a blanket of jewel tones. 

Photo: Ema Peter

Plaidfox Studio: Oceanview Office 

A room that’s all asymmetry and gorgeous colour—head-to-toe in moody jewel tones of emerald and turquoise. 

Photo: Ema Peter

PlaidFox Studio: Vancouver Special Great Room 

The modern space still nods to its Vancouver Special roots; a long, asymmetrical hearth is the centrepiece here.  

Other Collaborators: Inspired Outdoor Living – Landscape Construction

Planta Landscape Inc. Lethbridge Courtyard 

The outdoor kitchen makes the most of an otherwise unused space, and ties into the architecture of the Prairie Modern home.

Photo: Tina Kulic

Project 22 Design: Southlands Ensuite  

Featuring a private shower and water-closet, this washroom is a serene space designed with a neutral palette and fixtures that will specifically patina with time as the family lives in their home.  

Photo: Janis Nicolay

Project 22 Design:  Glass House Ensuite

This craftsman house in Kitsilano was completely restored and transformed into a new and contemporary space for well-travelled clients.


Project 22 Design: Thormanby Island Great Room 

The great room of this home is oriented to the fully appreciate the beach, sunrise and sunsets.  

Photo: DQ Studios

Quinspired Ceramics: Tea Set  

This tea set was designed as a compact solution to make tea for one and store all the components within a single fitted unit.   

Photo: DQ Studios

Quinspired Ceramics: Gold Whisky Tumbler 

The cone-shaped cup is a whimsical one, designed to be “connected with memories of beauty, fun, laughter and meaningful conversation.” 

QWRKhouse Design: C_love 

The C_love table lamp is reminiscent of a blossoming flower and features a textured, fluted body. 

Photo: Honest Concepts; Other Collaborators: Pacific Solutions Contracting

RNJ Interiors: Mount Pleasant Vintage and Provisions 

In Mount Pleasant Vintage and Provisions, RNJ has created a campy, midcentury modern cocktail bar that’s a riot of patterns, materials and antiques. 

Photo: Joel Klassen; Other Collaborators: Calbridge Homes; BEC Woodcraft; Divine Flooring; Granite Gallery; Classic Fireplace; Hammersmith; RGO; Bigfoot Building Products

Rochelle Cote Interior Design: Calgary Health Trust Hospital Lottery Home Office 

Painted in a moody hue from Benjamin Moore (Abyss), this home office is the perfect place to find focus or escape from the world.  

Photo: Joel Klassen; Other Collaborators: Calbridge Homes; BEC Woodcraft; Divine Flooring; Granite Gallery; Classic Fireplace; Hammersmith; RGO; Bigfoot Building Products

Rochelle Cote Interior Design: Calgary Health Trust Hospital Lottery Home Kitchen 

A two-storey kitchen creates room for plenty of dramatic design.  

Photo: Janis Nicolay

Schédio Spaces Inc.: Ptychí 

The Ptychí, inspired by Greek for “to fold,” is a geometric spa table blending art and function in white oak and vegan leather. 

Photo: Lindsay Reid Photo; Other Collaborators: Builder – Harris Builders;
Engineer – Wolfrom Engineering

Secter Architecture + Design: Outdoor Entertaining Room / Living Lounge 

This hotel lounge-inspired bungalow in Winnipeg seamlessly blends interior and exterior entertaining spaces, featuring large wall windows and a wooden open-plan layout that flows in to an outdoor entertaining area with river views. 

Photo: Eymeric Widling; Other Collaborators: Dda Architecture Ltd; Waterford Homes Inc.

Shaun Ford & Co: Lakeview House Home Office 

The design aims for sophistication through contrasting wood elements, ample natural light from a large window, and the use of leather and natural materials throughout the room. 

Photo: Eymeric Widling

Shaun Ford & Co: Rosedale Office 

A captivating lounge/theatre home office that merges modernity with tradition—including a lavish emerald partition wall, rich greens, dark brown hues, dark woods and gold details throughout. 

Photo: Eymeric Widling; Other Collaborators: Dda Architecture Ltd; Waterford Homes Inc.

Shaun Ford & Co: Kitchen/ Lakeview House 

The design combines dark brownish-black walls and cabinetry with natural elements like hanging plants, light paneling and medium wood flooring, creating a sophisticated contrast that incorporates texture and warmth. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Henriquez Architects; Westbank.

Sholto Design Studio: Blood Alley Apartments Entryway 

A recreation of a historical 1911 Cordova Street saloon with period-correct features, including a poker table with carved maple cards, mirror-clad walls and Indigenous-inspired designs—all in white. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Architectural designer – Scott Posno; Builder and Millwork – Eyco Building Group

Sophie Burke Design: Jericho Primary Ensuite 

This primary ensuite blends historical nods like cross-handled faucets and classic honed marble with contemporary elements like industrial shower doors and minimalist design, creating a spa-like space with ocean views. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Architectural Designer – Robert Blaney; Builder – Hasler Homes; Millwork – Duke

Sophie Burke Design: Highland Hills Family Room 

The Japandi-minimalist living room features a large custom white fireplace with natural stone and wood paneling, complemented by sustainable oak wood flooring and locally sourced furniture. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Contractor – Sitka Construction Whistler

STARK Architecture + Interiors: Bathroom / Falcon Crescent 

This energy-efficient Whistler building, one of the first “Step 4” structures, seamlessly blends its rocky mountain surroundings with a rich yet restrained interior palette of architecturally finished concrete and natural materials. 

Photo: Ema Peter; Other Collaborators: Builder – Eyco Building Group

Stephanie Brown Inc.: Dining Room / Mackenzie Street 

The former formal living room is now a bright and minimalist dining room with wood beam ceilings, a captivating string hanging chandelier fixture, custom furniture and a mix of classic and modern design elements. 

Photo: Mariko Reed; Other Collaborators: Architect – Weigang Marvick; Builder – Makena Builders

Stephanie Brown Inc.: Home Gym / Makena Road 

This home gym in Maui stands out with its rich walnut paneling, grasscloth wallpaper, luxury monochrome gym equipment and disappearing glass doors that open to a stunning view. 

Photo: Joel Klassen; Other Collaborators: Utopia Luxury Homes

Studio Felix: Varsity Kitchen 

The design of this Calgary custom home, influenced by the clients’ desire for serenity and natural textures, features a two-storey living room with custom plaster fireplace, elegant kitchen with wood beams and black accents and practical storage solutions. 

Photo: Joel Klassen; Other Collaborators: Icon Developments

Studio Felix: Ramsay Kitchen 

This Calgary home’s ’70s-inspired kitchen design includes a functional layout and vibrant colours; it’s a playful space with patterned backsplash, a peach island and unique fixtures. 

Photo: Hayden Pattullo, Damon Hayes Couture

Studio North: Boho House 

A family home in Calgary blends mid-century charm with contemporary design, mixing rattan, Douglas fir and white oak for a warm, inviting aesthetic that also integrates retro materials and innovative design elements. 

Photo: Hayden Pattullo, Damon Hayes Couture

Studio North: Garden Garage 

The Garden Garage in Upper Mount Royal fuses a green roof with industrial materials, forming a sustainable and visually striking outdoor living space that blends functionality with modern design. 

Photo: Hayden Pattullo, Damon Hayes Couture

Studio North: The Business and Pleasure Bar

In Calgary’s Inglewood, this space revitalizes the speakeasy style using a distinctive fir plywood wall-meets-ceiling parametric design, blending traditional aesthetics with sustainable innovation.  

Photo: Conrad Brown; Other Collaborators: Millwork – Sequoia; Brand + Identity – Bamff Studio

Studio Roslyn: It’s Okay Bar

Canadian pub meets’70s New York bar in a design that combines retro-checkered flooring with vibrant raspberry and eggplant accents.  

Photo: Lauren Zbarsky; Other Collaborators: Contractor – Construct by Nuthatch

Studio Roslyn: Crane Loft Dining Room

A loft combines sophisticated maximalism with industrial heritage, featuring rich textures, vibrant textiles, custom millwork and curated artwork. 

Photo: Conrad Brown; Other Collaborators: Contractor – Ekos Builds; Millwork – Tim Grant

Studio Roslyn: Play Residence Home Office 

A family vacation home features a playful yet elegant design with vibrant colours and extensive millwork, creating a sophisticated yet fun environment.  

Photo: Martin Knowles Photomedia; Other Collaborators: Pacific Solutions Contracting; Preserved Greenery Panels – Greenstems; Wine Racking – Blue Grouse Wine Cellars; Wine Fridges – Eurocave; Lighting Consult – Mac’s II Agencies – Lighting Consultant; Upholstery – Peregrine / Acorn

Studio Series Design: The Nanoose Bay Café 

An eco-friendly renovation, the design goal was to infuse the European bistro charm of Vancouver’s Water Street Cafe and blending it with a Pacific Northwest coastal forest theme and local Nanoose Bay lore. 

Photo: Chris Amat; Other Collaborators: Structural Engineer – Entuitive; Electrical Engineer – Nemetz (S/A) & Associates Ltd.; Mechanical Engineer – AME Group; General Contractor – Shamrock Mountain Building Ltd.; TXN Installations – Metal Fabricator

The Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative Inc.: Kicking Horse Café 

The B.C. renovation features a theatrical coffee bar, monochromatic design and local cedar elements to immerse patrons in the coffee-making process and brand ethos. 

ÜRS Architectural Water Systems: Falling Water 

Designed by Robert Studer, the hanging outdoor water feature (in copper or brass) transforms rain into art, with a cascade chain-like design that creates a trickle-down effect.  

Photo: Ema Peter

Vallely Architecture: Living Room 

This living room merges style and function with a transforming wood ceiling-stairway, connecting the home’s key areas with an eco-consciousness, sustainable design. 

Willow & Stump Design Co. Motif Pendant 

A pendant light with a chandelier-like design that uses Corian diffusion with thin translucent sections to create a rhythmic and dynamic illumination with a cohesive and soft diffusion effect. 

Willow & Stump Design Co.: Burrow bench 

A massive bench for the Museum of Vancouver’s “Repair and Reclaim” exhibition, made from reclaimed mahogany and brass, reimagines the wood as a tree trunk with hidden storage.