What is it?

The WL Design 25 is a brand-new awards program, celebrating 25 of the best new designs of the year. While our WL Designers of the Year awards celebrate a body of work, the WL Design 25 awards are designed to focus on specific projects: from an inviting bedroom to a perfect chair, an elegant office space to a sustainably crafted coffee table. Each of the 25 winners in our inaugural WL Design 25 represent the best of Western Canadian design in 2024. 

The 25 winners will be highlighted in the March/April 2024 issue of Western Living and promoted on westernliving.ca.  

What are the categories?

The WL Design 25 celebrates both the design of rooms and products, for example… 


Any single space, residential or commercial, can be entered: from an airy, modern kitchen to a funky, playful kid’s room. The category is intentionally broad to make eligibility as accessible as possible. Here are a few examples:

Bathroom •  Home Office Guest RoomKitchen Commercial Space: Restaurant, Hotel, Spa  • Outdoor room Bedroom Kids Room Bar  •  Laundry Room • Living Room Dining Room Games/Rec Room • Entryway MudroomCloset/Storage Room


This category encompasses single products that can be defined as furniture or home decor. Like the “Rooms” category, it’s intentionally broad—if it’s design-forward and helps us live better in our homes, it can be entered! Here are some examples:

Seating Tables and Desks StorageOther FurnitureWallpaper, Rugs and Textiles Accessories Lighting Gadget Wildcard   

Deadline for entries is Monday, October 10, 2023, 11:59 p.m. Subscribe to our newsletter for reminders leading up to the deadline.

Entry Fee

Free! For our inaugural year, entries are totally free—you’re just limited in how many times you can enter: either 5 rooms, or 5 products. 


Designers can enter up to 5 rooms and/or 5 products. Projects must have been completed within the last 4 years.

Prototypes/renderings are not eligible for entry. 

Entries must be received by Monday, October 2, 11:59 pm. 

Entrants must be residents of one of the four Western Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba).

Projects can be located anywhere. 

Judging Criteria

Each entrant will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Form: Is the design aesthetically attractive, design-forward, elegantly crafted, well executed, poetic? Are there moments of delight, pause for thought, beauty in the execution?
  • Function: Does the space or product work the way it is intended? Is it practical, well thought out in its execution? Is it ultimately successful? (Selection, quality, combination of materials, unique techniques and processes, technical proficiency)
  • Innovation: How innovative is the design (fresh, forward-thinking design, unique niche in the field or market, solves problems creatively)?
  • Sustainability: What is the origin story of the materials sourced? Is it designed to last?

How do I enter?

Each room/product requires a separate submission. 

Your entry will require the following information (we’d recommend gathering it up before you start!): 

For Room Subcategories 

  • Designer/Firm Name 
  • Contact Info  
  • Max 500-word bio and philosophy 
  • Room/Project Name 
  • Project designer(s) name and title
  • Date Completed  
  • Location of project 
  • Design Brief/Description of Project 
  • Budget (less than $25,000, $25 to $100,000, over $100,000)  
  • Floor plan  
  • Sustainable Design Choices 
  • Other collaborators on the project 
  • Up to 5 photos  (300 dpi, ,jpg or .tiff) 
  • Photo credits 
  • Photographer contact info
  • Do you have homeowner permission to publish this project? Yes/No (Yes is required to enter)

For Product Subcategories: 

  • Designer/Firm Name 
  • Contact info  
  • Max 500-word bio and philosophy 
  • Product/Project Name 
  • Product Designer(s) Name and Title
  • Date Completed  
  • Materials  Used
  • Retail Price  
  • Design Brief/Description of Project 
  • Sustainable Design Choices 
  • Other collaborators to credit
  • 5 photos  
  • Photo Credits
  • Photographer contact info

Questions? Check out our FAQ page.


Ready to enter? Head to our entry forms now! You’ll want to fill out a separate form for each project you enter.