This eye-catching creation transforms rainwater into a breathtaking work of art. Inspired by the West Coast’s abundant rainfall, ÜRS Architectural Water Systems, led by designer Robert Studer (a past WL Designer of the Year under his design firm, This Is It), redefines our relationship with rain through its innovative outdoor Falling Water feature. Moving away from traditional gutter architecture that often conceals rain, ÜRS offers an immersive and engaging experience that celebrates it in all its glory.


Resembling a delicately strung garland of metal paper cranes, Falling Water creates an enchanting trickle-down effect with its stainless steel (or copper) chain-inspired cascade design. ÜRS’s functional, experiential and visually captivating exterior art installations turn rainy days into stunning visual masterpieces.

Project: Falling Water
Designer: ÜRS Architectural Water Systems
Location: Sunshine Coast

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