Not just a pretty face, the Corbel by Capella Design takes inspiration from the functional-if-ugly hospital overbed table and swings into the realm of high design. Created with seniors and those with mobility issues in mind, this modern side table is designed with an adjustable tray that can be easily accessed from a chair or bed thanks to a telescoping swing arm.

It’s a convenient place to reach a cup of coffee, use a laptop or keep other items close—all from the comfort of the couch or bed. Capella founder Kaly Ryan had a vision to create functional, chic assistive furniture after her own struggles to find the same for her grandfather, culminating in the company’s inaugural Lotic shower seat.

A beacon of inclusive design, the Corbel moves beyond the clinical look and feel and focuses on not only assisting its user but also enhancing their home’s aesthetics. As Ryan writes in her submission, “This tray table belongs in the home, not the hospital.”

Project: Corbel adjustable side table
Designer: Capella Design
Location: Vancouver

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