And while we don’t normally go in for all these silly “days” business, for this, we’ll make an exception.

There seems like there’s a day for everything. Blueberry Day and World Malbec Day have tried to saddle up beside stalwarts like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day as worthy occasions for commemoration. And as a rule we’ve had enough. We don’t need World Fig Newton day.But Ardbeg… is something different. The Islay distillery is not prone to over-exaggeration or excess self promotion as they’re usually too busy with the far-less-glamorous-than-you-think-it-is job of making whisky. And what whisky they make. The “standard” 10-year is a complex smoky delight, one of the best in it’s class. The pricier Uigeadail is even better. And once a year—on May 31, Ardbeg Day—they release a low production limited bottling and of this two things are clear: to date they’ve never made a bad one and they always go up in value.If you don’t believe me try to find a bottle of last year’s release, Auriverdes, and if you have the great fortune to find a bottle, taste it and you’ll see I’m correct on both counts.This year’s release, Perpetuum, is bonkers good. Very pale colour, intense peaty smoke and salty bite. Much bigger than the subtle (for Ardbeg) Auriverdes, and that will please most hardcore Islay fans. You’ll be able to try it at Shebeen in Vancouver and at Kensington Wine Market, Willow Park and Gerry Thomas Gallery in Calgary. For more information about the events click here.Slainte.