Add these patio-perfect cocktails to your summer drinking playbook.

Each day is longer than the last. The sun is your alarm clock each morning. Short sleeves have made a triumphant return. If all that’s not cause for a toast, we don’t know what is. But this season, let’s aim higher than a cooler full of Bud: take a thoughtful approach to the summer tipple with help from some of the West’s best barkeeps. (And if you’re looking for a few great bites to serve up alongside these drinks at your next patio party, we’ve got that covered too: 4 Share Plates Perfect for Cocktail Hour)

What to Drink at Your Next Patio Party

rhubarb1. Rhubarb Collins

When brilliant pink rhubarb is in season, this recipe is a perfect use for those sweet-tart stalks that take over your backyard. Mix it up by the pitcher or keep rhubarb syrup in your fridge and make drinks to order.

`WL0416_Page&Paper_WesternLiving-Summer-01162. The Saigon Skål Club

A refreshing union between savoury Swedish-style aquavit and Vietnamese cuisine.

`WL0416_Page&Paper_WesternLiving-Summer-00893. Italian Cream Soda

Craft sodas are all the rage these days, and it’s a breeze to create any flavour you like. A splash of booze makes it a simple cocktail, and a splash of cream gives it an Italian slant.

gin-and-tonic-western-living4. An Elevated Gin and Tonic

Bartender Shaun Layton shares three recipes to take the humble G&T to the next level: the Simons G&T, the Catalan and the Brit G&T.

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