Scott McCallum and Victoria Walsh’s Field Guide to Canadian Cocktails has everything you need to know about shaking up something wonderful in the Great White North.

Now that a Canadian Whiskey has been named the greatest in the world, maybe we can take a step back from our trademark modesty and admit that we’re really good at making drinks. It’s a message that would be music to the ears of Scott McCallum and Victoria Walsh, whose new book—A Field Guide to Canadian Cocktails—celebrates the country’s spirit prowess from Tofino to someplace in Newfoundland. Its arrival is timely, because showing up with a bottle of gin as a present is OK, but less than thoughtful. Showing up with a bottle of Long Table Gin and this book makes you look both thoughtful and insider-y.But don’t take our word for it: here are three killer recipes to take for a test drive before you buy.

1. Loose Jaw


2. Jack with One Eye


3. Ogopogo Sour